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  • CEO’s Checklist for Effective Cyber Security Hackers are continually expanding their methods of attacks, and companies everywhere of all sizes are being targeted. According to the Global State of Information Security Survey: 2015, the percentage of growth for global security incidents is double the global GDP and global smartphone users combined. Are you prepared [...]

  • Automating Testing: 7 Tips to Know Before Beginning Testing Getting Started with Automating Testing While testing new software to ensure it is operating properly is a key aspect of QA, a testing process done manually can be very time-consuming and expensive. More and more companies are moving toward automating testing. Test automation allows for detailed [...]

  • 7 Questions to Ask When Determining the Severity and Priority of a Defect Determining the Severity and Priority of a Defect Quality Assurance testing is essential to a successful project and finding defects in systems can be considered the primary goal of all QA processes. It is nearly impossible to track every tiny defect [...]

  • 4 Common Misconceptions about Test Automation Revealed Test automation has become an increasingly interesting and effective testing method for many testers. Every time your software code is modified, it needs to be tested to ensure quality. As your codebase application grows and new functionality is added, manual testing becomes inefficient and costly. Automated testing [...]

  • Getting a User's Perspective on Defects and Usability with Manual Testing Manual Testing is the oldest and most stringent form of testing software products. The tester uses all features of the application in the same way an end-user would discover any unexpected behaviors or bugs in the system. The program is less susceptible to [...]

  • Leveraging an Outside Perspective for Your Software Development Testing Testing is a critical step in all software development. Testing can also be one of the most tedious steps of software development. A fresh new pair of eyes are almost always necessary after the developer has spent countless numbers of hours developing the software. Despite [...]

  • Speed Up Your Testing with Automated Testing Services With new technology and software being produced every day, the need for testing is at an all-time high. It is vital to test new software to ensure that it is operating properly and ready for launch. There is nothing worse than launching an application that is [...]

  • Using Integrated Testing Plans to Deliver Superior Software for Enterprises Providing reliable, fast, and secure software systems Our client’s customers expect that their systems are reliable, fast, and secure and that’s exactly what we deliver for them. How do we do it? Exceptional staff, technology, architecture, and solid integrated testing [...]