Custom Software and IT Staffing Solutions for Banking & Financial Services Organizations

Welcome to QAT Global, your premier destination for custom banking and financial services software development and technology consulting. We specialize in creating bespoke software solutions that cater to the unique needs and challenges of the finance industry. Let us help you transform your operations, enhance security, and deliver exceptional services to your customers.

Our team of experts excels at developing custom software solutions that address the complex requirements of banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies. With our expertise, you can streamline processes, optimize efficiency, and deliver secure and seamless financial services.

Types of Projects We Excel In

Core Banking Systems

We build robust and scalable core banking systems that power your day-to-day operations, including account management, transaction processing, and regulatory compliance.

Compliance and Regulatory Solutions

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and reporting requirements by implementing software solutions that facilitate data management, auditing, and reporting.

Payment Solutions

We create secure and user-friendly payment platforms, including online banking portals, mobile banking apps, and electronic fund transfer systems.

Risk Management Solutions

We develop advanced financial analytics platforms that provide deep insights into market trends, investment strategies, risk assessment, and portfolio management.

Loan Origination Systems

Streamline loan origination processes with custom software solutions that automate application processing, credit assessment, and approval workflows.

Financial Analytics

We create advanced financial analytics platforms that provide deep insights into market trends, investment strategies, risk assessment, and portfolio management.

How QAT Global Can Help You

QAT Global designs banking software solutions, manages their successful implementation, integration, testing, and deployment, as well as ensures their solid support. In the highly regulated and competitive financial industry, you must carefully assess risks and potential. Your IT systems must support fast and efficient business decision-making and be easily updated to meet the latest regulatory compliance requirements.

QAT Global works with clients in the financial services industry to develop enterprise solutions that have the needed flexibility and scalability yet deliver quality customer service. We design robust, user-friendly digital solutions for leaders and innovators in the financial services space by combining user experience design with forward-thinking architecture and accelerating delivery through Agile-scrum methodologies.

Financial Services Industry Challenges

Financial services organizations must implement secure, reliable, user-friendly enterprise software solutions that efficiently provide accountability, meet regulatory challenges, and provide quality customer service to remain competitive.

Focus Area




Production systems must perform reliably.

You need a development team that can deliver quality enterprise solutions that meet the extensive and dynamic requirements of a mission-critical financial production system.


Production systems require the highest possible availability.

You need an experienced, process-driven team that can minimize planned and unplanned downtime and outages of your mission-critical systems.

System Maintainability

Critical production system must be well documented, maintained, and upgradeable.

You need a development team that can create detailed system documentation, make system improvements that improve its stability and reliability, implement new functionality, and even reverse engineer the system if needed.

Defect Management

Production systems should be free of defects.

You need a robust testing practice that includes both automation and manual testing to quickly and efficiently identify bugs during development to prevent them from being released into your production systems.

Leading Technology

Maintaining your competitive position requires smart innovations.

You need a development partner to collaborate with you on big data, analytics, machine learning, and other developing technologies.

Effective Collaboration

Maximizing your budget and development team’s skillset is critical to the success of your projects.

You need an outsourcing partner who understands Agile-Scrum and how to use it with distributed development teams comprised of onsite, onshore, and offshore members so you can work effectively and efficiently on projects.

Solutions for Real-World Finance

In today’s business world, saving time and cost are some of the most important things to a company. A company should always be asking themselves if their process could be made easier, faster, or less costly. Typically, the best way to increase efficiency is to either improve on a current application or automate a current business process. In addition to making a more efficient process, security is also a primary focus. Keeping all of this in mind, QAT Global has become a trusted source for business solutions in automation and development. QAT Global helps businesses to reach their full potential by providing the most efficient process possible.

QAT Global has been successfully providing solutions for enterprise-level banking and financial companies for nearly 25 years. Our expertise in advanced architecture enables us to create innovative and efficient solutions and also allows us to build on, maintain, and improve legacy software. Our work with large enterprise-level organizations to smaller private businesses and startups has provided us with the level of experience needed to take on the most challenging financial projects.

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