Custom Software Development Solutions for Your Industry Needs

Welcome to QAT Global, your trusted partner for custom software development services tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. We specialize in delivering industry-specific software solutions that empower enterprises to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve business objectives. Explore our expertise across multiple sectors and discover how we can help you succeed in your industry.

Industries we Serve

The right software partner can change everything.

Each developer at QAT Global has an acute understanding of the tremendous benefits a well-executed application can bring to a business in any of the industries we serve. Whether it’s for workflow automation, security, or analytics — good software is the difference between being three steps ahead or playing catch-up with your competition, particularly in the banking and financial services, energy, healthcare, logistics, and startup industries. This is why the QAT Global team goes to great lengths to develop effective and durable software solutions to help enterprises and government organizations achieve their goals with precision and speed.

Banking and Financial Services Industry

Banking & Financial Services

Financial firms are under intense pressure to stay ahead of the regulatory and data management challenges in their industry. And rapid technology changes make it even more challenging. We understand the technology and best practices in the industry, and we also understand the environment, data and privacy issues financial companies face. Keep up with regulations and client demands by adopting software that facilitates financial operations and enables your business to move at greater speed. QAT Global is an experienced facilitator of custom software, Big Data analytics, and integration with third-party software.

Utilities and Energy Industry

Utilities & Energy

From electric and resource optimization companies to green and alternative energy companies, QAT Global delivers solutions for clients operating in markets with increasing competition, changing legislation, tough sustainability targets, and emerging technologies. We have a long and successful track record of partnering with Energy & Utilities clients. Our international team has developed software and delivered software testing for multiple projects over the last 25+ years. Our work ensures that your new IT infrastructure, applications, or large-scale projects are robust enough to handle market complexity and continuous regulatory change.

Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry

Life Sciences & Healthcare

The healthcare industry is facing a variety of challenges and opportunities, from new regulations to innovations in wireless monitoring devices. Information technology is key for healthcare providers today. With QAT Global’s Life Sciences & Healthcare solutions, you can launch your own health and wellness applications for mobile and desktop across the healthcare spectrum. Analyze biosignals of patients for health monitoring and diagnosis solutions, facilitate clinical care procedures, optimize patient care processes with automated workflows and analysis of patient information, and create frameworks that help you connect with patients and staff.

Government Industry


QAT Global’s solutions are designed to help government agencies meet critical management, financial, and civil service challenges. Ranging from child support software system upgrades, tax solutions, and registration systems to complete web portals, we have the skills to assist city, state, and federal government agencies to be more effective and improve the quality of services they provide. For government organizations, QAT Global (QAT) is also the ultimate partner for modernization projects.

Transportation and Logistics Industry

Transportation & Logistics

Revolutionize your logistics and transportation business with innovation-driven, robust, and highly scalable it solutions. QAT Global brings over two decades experience in developing software solutions that streamline the functioning of logistics businesses. We create solutions that help reduce costs and inefficiencies by streamlining operations through analytics, capacity planning, fleet management, intuitive communication tools, and secure data. International companies have put their trust in our solutions.

Startup Industry


Startups looking to change the world with some disruptive technology look to QAT Global to help them build their software from scratch. We provide startups in a variety of industries with IT outsourcing and the resources they need to execute their innovative ideas. Our technical teams have experience building sophisticated, complex systems that have security and internationalization baked in and are designed to scale quickly. Our Agile process and QA and Testing experience will help you bring your project idea to life.

Benefits of Developing Custom Industry-Specific Software Solutions with QAT Global