Our Work – Case Studies

We measure success by our clients‘ success.

Success is measured in many ways. Here are just a few of our recent success stories. Tell us, what will yours be?

Looking for some examples of how our clients are getting the most out of QAT Global services and products? Our case studies will show you how other organizations are maximizing their investments and taking advantage of innovation.

How We Help – World-Class Custom Software Development

We’re in the business of moving your ideas forward and delivering business results by helping you find ways to capitalize on change, leverage emerging technologies effectively, and out-innovate competitors.

At QAT Global, clients choose us for their custom development and modernization projects because we have the breadth of experience and skills typically found only in Tier 1 IT companies yet provide the personal service and attention of a boutique consulting company. From full-cycle custom software development projects to the customization of a pre-developed platform, you can count on us to deliver cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements time after time.


Core competencies of software architecture, integration, User Experience, and software development.


Communication-driven approach with set milestones using Agile with Scrum. Expect frequent, honest two-way communication.

Speed to market

Lean requirements, rapid prototyping, tested frameworks, models, and methodologies paired with a get-things-done-right attitude.


Lean, global, and focused on delivering measurable results on time and on budget, focusing on building long-term relationships with our clients.

What Our Client’s Say – Client Testimonials

Earning your trust and confidence is our priority.

Building great software together requires a great relationship. Great relationships are built on trust and confidence, which is why we make earning yours a priority. Transparency, open communication, quality, and a focus on delivering exceptional value are hallmarks of every engagement.

Custom Software Development / Brazil Offshoring

QAT has been a trusted supplier of software development services to Sensus for 5 years. We have turned to them over and over for both short-term projects as well as long-running programs. Our teams have come to trust their technical leadership and decision-making when they are part of a larger team and also when they are delivering a project independently. We appreciate that the architects and engineers think about the big picture and bring to our attention implementation options to consider that affect our system flexibility and cost of ownership down the road. The quality of deliverables has been excellent, and we have measured a far lower defect rate per line of code committed than any other team. The code delivered is tested by the engineer who wrote it, and test automation is used when possible. Frequent demonstrations of work and progress keep our stakeholders engaged with progress improving quality and ability to meet schedules. Not only is the planning well executed to be confident in the schedule, but the Agile process used ensures there are no surprises. We feel informed and up to date on all aspects of risk and schedule at all times.

Matt Ferguson, Sr. Director of Analytics Solutions, Sensus

Custom Software Development

Starting with my first impression from our initial meeting with QAT. The meeting was very inviting and professional. Vitalistics discussed our business plan and vision in an open manner which was received very well. Both parties expressed ideas, technical concerns, timelines, revenue streams, as well as marketing strategies. My partner and I left the meeting with a positive feeling about QAT, for we had met with several other companies, which in turn, we did not feel would be a good fit. Shortly after the first meeting, Vitalistics and QAT met for a more in-depth overview and planning. Our business plan is very technical and demands a lot of developmental programming interacting with medical devices, and transmitting data to healthcare providers. In a very positive and approachable way, we came to terms that were acceptable to both businesses.

Once we came to terms and got started, I was very encouraged by the attitude, commitment, momentum, and accountability that QAT has demonstrated. From day one, they set up a timeline to which they hold themselves accountable too. These timelines are called sprints, where they set realistic goals to get accomplished in each sprint. They, in turn, assigned the appropriate staff to accomplish not only the timeline but to overcome the technical challenges as well. Every morning we had meetings to address progress, challenges, new ideas or concerns. After each sprint was complete, we had a team meeting to demonstrate the progress of the application and the challenges we had overcome. QAT has also been very open to discussing modifications and has suggested improvements that have made Vitalistics exceed my expectations. This has carried on throughout the process. The implementation process has been impeccable.

I have owned and operated several national healthcare companies and have worked with many other companies throughout my career. QAT has been one of the best companies that I have had the privilege to work with. I absolutely would recommend QAT for your business ventures, for they have helped put together a product far superior to our competition, met all our timelines, and worked with us to develop this application that was within our budget.

Jeff Wurgler, CEO, Vitalistics.

Web Development / Technology Consulting

ABS’ first experience with QAT Global was through an assessment of an existing web application for our technical services area. The application had been problematic for quite a while, generating multiple user complaints. QAT performed the assessment and produced a final report pinpointing the application’s technical and functional issues, along with a proposed plan to solve them. The assessment was delivered on time and on budget. ABS decided then to move ahead with the proposed plan and engaged a QAT Global team of developers for execution. At this point, QAT then presented its methodology and explained the different roles each person would play during the development cycles, also called sprints. The project was started, and we are currently in our sixth sprint. During these sprints, I have been personally involved in the project and dealt with the QAT team on a daily basis. I can attest the team is very professional and committed to the success of the project. My experience with all team members has been very positive, and they are always open to suggestions for improvements and overall discussion. The deliverables so far are of high quality, and project management has been able to respond to all my questions in a timely fashion.

Helio Rezende, Technical Service Tools Manager, ABS Pecplan