Utility Solutions Provider – Custom Application Development

Utility Custom Application Development Case Study

Utility Solutions Provider – Custom Application Development

Utility Custom Application Development Case Study
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Leading Utility Solutions Provider Selects QAT Global for Custom Application Development Project

Brazilian Offshore Capability and Company Size Key Success Factors

Customer Snapshot

The client’s company helps utilities and consumers make the most of finite water and energy resources. They deliver advanced measurement, data collection, analysis, and control products and solutions that help their customers improve operational efficiency while reducing their environmental impact.

They needed a central application to enable utilities to remotely and centrally manage all proprietary radio devices in their customer base. To develop the application, the solutions provider partnered with QAT Global.

  • Utility Solutions Provider
  • International Locations

Solution Snapshot

  • New custom application development project
  • Leverages open-source technologies
  • Highly cost-effective.
  • Uses Commodity Resourcing, Knowledge, and Technology
  • Web – Rich Internet Application (RIA)
  • Completely internationalized

Key Differentiators

  • Brazilian Offshore capability
  • Agility RPM
  • Scrum Methodology and Project Management
  • Established Java Coding Standards, Tools, Architecture, Training, Best Practices, and Processes
  • Small consulting company focused on the success of the customer

Skills Needed:

  • Active MQ for JMS
  • Ajax
  • CSS3
  • Eclipse
  • HTML4
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • JQuery UI
  • Maven
  • MyBatis
  • RedHat Enterprise (Clustered)
  • Shibboleth (SAML2)
  • SLO
  • Spring
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Security
  • SQL Server/Oracle
  • SQLServer
  • SSO
  • SVN
  • Tomcat (Clustered)

QAT Global’s Approach

One of the key challenges facing the development team was that this was a new custom application development where many of the devices that needed to be controlled by the solution were still in development themselves. This meant that requirements and API specifications were constantly evolving. QAT Global’s agile development methodology was used and as a result, subsequent sprints were adjusted as requirements became available and/or changed.

QAT Global assisted the customer in the requirements gathering and documentation process.  Then QAT Global implemented the solution using SCRUM.  The development team consisted of both American and Brazilian resources.

Daily SCRUM meetings here were conducted where project statuses here reviewed.  Various demos were held during each sprint to ensure the customer was getting exactly what they wanted as well, adjustments could be made based on these reviews.

The final product used the QAT Global jDaptive and WebDaptive frameworks to provide a robust enterprise solution including a web-based interface front-end and enterprise-scale back-end.  A multi-layered solution was created which enabled the application to interface with several back-end systems and services using a variety of protocols to facilitate execution of various device commands and operations as well as processing interactive notifications from the low-level communications engine managed by the customer.  In addition, analytics were provided to enable the customer to review history operations and make an educated adjustment to the usage of device resources.

The end result was a solution which:

  • Built almost entirely using open-source solutions and libraries and is based on QAT’s WebDaptive and jDpative Frameworks
  • Is highly cost-effective as a result of using a mixture of QAT Global’s Brazilian and US resources
  • Uses Commodity Resourcing, Knowledge, and Technology
  • Is a completely internationalized Web – Rich Internet Application (RIA)
  • The solution is both hosted and local customer installed
  • Is used by every one of the client’s customers, every day, 24 hours a day

The developed application is now the focal point for their customers to manage their devices. The application allows their customers to remotely adjust settings for individual endpoints and perform mass upgrades across their service territory right from their desktop. That means faster deployment with no impact on-field personnel or on customers.

Download the Case Study

Download the Itility Solutions Provide Custom Application Development Case Study