IoT – Creating a Connected World

Anyone. Any device. Any business. Any service. Any content. Any network. Anywhere. Anytime.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is revolutizing day-to-day business decision-making and information gathering. Using sensors, IoT is streaming incoming data from devices, buildings, vehicles, and much more to help predict failures in systems, improve efficiency, and create better outcomes. IoT is also modernizing outdated business functions by automating data streams. With IoT, everything has become measurable, and we’re building a smarter world.

Implementing IoT systems basically provides you with a check engine light for every aspect of your business. These systems can keep you highly informed on all the inefficiencies and predict future outcomes. Every aspect of your business could be a series of data points that are constantly streaming new information, allowing you to be as informed and up-to-date on your business with each decision that you make. This is all possible with QAT Global’s services.





So what is IoT exactly?

In its most simple form, IoT is a connection between any device and the internet. What this connection does is it allows devices to communicate with each other, the internet, and with the user. With the help of the web, regular, everyday devices become “smart.” Having your devices communicate with each other will make daily routines so much easier. For example, your alarm could be connected to your kitchen appliances and car, turning on what you need for breakfast, like a toaster or coffee machine and also warming up your car once it goes off in the morning.

In a business setting, IoT can completely change the way an organization handles risk, inventory, maintenance, and virtually every other decision-based function. Consider a rent-a-car company; IoT could play a huge impact on that business. With it, they can track where their cars are and where they go. This information can help them in numerous ways. With sensors on vital engine parts, IoT can monitor wear and tear and predict future issues so maintenance can be performed before a problem occurs. It can also help to limit vehicle malfunctions by intelligently predicting these failures and scheduling maintenance before it becomes a costly issue.

IOT can also help any business track customer service. Using cell phone data, IoT can track recognized phone numbers of employees and unrecognized numbers of customers. They can see how long a customer is not accompanied by an employee, how much time they spend with an employee, and how long they stay. With this information, that businesses can create new protocols for increasing customer service to maximize customer experience. They can also find the hot spots of their store by seeing where customers visit the most. With that information, they could place products in specific and informed areas to maximize sales of that product.

IoT can have a massive impact on the health industry. Having up-to-date and specific data can help to save a person’s life. Using remote monitoring, a patient with a pacemaker could have that device feeding back information to their physician, which could alert them to any issues and make adjustments as needed. IoT can provide information for more than just pacemakers; it can also be used to monitor hearing aids, blood pressure, general health, and much more. One of the biggest opportunities for IoT to pair with health care is with wearable devices that track physical activity and sleep patterns. It can change the way that we administer healthcare and ultimately improve patients’ lives through more informed decisions assisted by accurate data.

Benefits of IoT

  • It can help make any business make informed decisions for their business based on data collection and informed predictions.
  • Every part of your business can become measurable.
  • Using a cloud server, your devices will be able to communicate with each other, allowing for more complete automation of a business process.

Now is a great time to start implementing IoT into your business. Large tech companies are starting to put significant funding into development, and smaller companies that use it are flourishing quickly. IoT is still growing and becoming more sophisticated, and right now, it seems like it has nearly endless possibilities, applications, and functions to improve virtually every device or business operation. Advancements are being made daily, and it is becoming very clear IoT will be adopted and used worldwide. With all of this, you can take advantage of using data and machine learning to make predictive answers using AI for your business.

Applications for IoT

Healthcare System
Infrastructure Management
Environmental Monitoring
Energy Management
Transportation Management
Home Automation
Building Automation
Manufacturing Management
Large Scale Development

How We Can Help You Leverage IoT

QAT Global’s experts can assist you in the implementation of your company’s IoT solution as well as help establish goals. IoT can gather so much information, and it can easily become overwhelming. It is important to consult IoT experts to define which information is pertinent and how to receive that information. The software and cloud services that gather information are equally important and need to be monitored constantly to ensure successful data collection and interpretation. QAT Global has expertise in data collection and Big Data as well as the software that assists in the collection. Our experts can help you achieve your business goals by providing an IoT service that will help you automate your systems and help make accurate and informed decisions based on data collected and interpreted through custom software. QAT’s software development, information architecture, and data science approach will turn your business into a smart business.

Bringing people and devices together through smart software applications is one of our specialties. Whether you’re looking to develop a healthcare monitoring, transportation management, energy management, or other market-disrupting service or solution, we can help you develop the software you need to connect the people, devices, businesses, services, content, and networks together to make it a reality.

The possibilities are almost limitless, with everything from small consumer devices to massive industrial equipment connected to the Internet generating data that can be turned into actionable insights.

Are you ready to revolutionize your business, unlock innovation, and achieve unparalleled success in the digital era? Partner with QAT Global and take the first step towards transformative growth today.

Internet of Things (IoT): Your Questions Answered

We have extensive expertise in IoT and offers a range of services to help enterprises leverage IoT technologies. We have a team of IoT specialists who are skilled in developing IoT solutions, implementing IoT platforms, and providing IoT strategy and consulting.

Our IoT expertise brings several benefits to your enterprise, including:

  • Improved operational efficiency: IoT solutions enable automation, real-time data collection, and remote monitoring, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost savings: IoT technologies can optimize resource utilization, reduce downtime, and enable predictive maintenance, resulting in cost savings for your enterprise.
  • Enhanced customer experience: IoT solutions can enable personalized and connected experiences for your customers, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Data-driven insights: IoT devices generate a vast amount of data that can be analyzed to gain valuable insights for informed decision-making and business intelligence.
  • Innovation and new revenue streams: By leveraging IoT, your enterprise can explore new business models, develop innovative products or services, and create new revenue streams.

Yes, we specialize in developing IoT solutions tailored to your enterprise’s specific needs. Our IoT experts can work with you to design and build IoT-enabled devices, develop IoT applications, and integrate IoT technologies into your existing systems.

Security is a critical aspect of IoT solutions, and we prioritize it in our approach. We follow industry best practices for IoT security, including implementing strong authentication, data encryption, secure communication protocols, and device management strategies. We also conduct regular security audits and assessments to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Yes, we offer IoT strategy and consulting services to help you define your IoT roadmap, identify use cases, assess technology requirements, and develop an implementation plan. We work closely with you to understand your business objectives and provide tailored recommendations to maximize the value of IoT for your enterprise.