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  • .NET – Why it's in Our Enterprise Application Development Toolbox  For nearly two decades, Microsoft .NET has worked successfully in the enterprise business world, helping to create applications of all levels of complexity, and proving its convenience and reliability. It has become one of the most popular technologies for developing enterprise-class applications with rich [...]

  • The Six Best Ways to Improve Business Agility One of the top phrases on the tip of most business leader’s tongues today is business agility. Everyday business has changed, and now it is imperative to create an agile environment where your organization can adapt and anticipate change; then respond accordingly as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is no easy [...]

  • 5 Ways a Delivery Manager Benefits Your Project Learn how a delivery manager can take your project to the next level by improving results and streamlining communication. 1. Drives Better Results Than a Project Manager A delivery manager may share similar responsibilities to that of a project manager. However, delivery managers bring so much [...]

  • What is Agile? When hearing the word agile, many think of swift, smooth animals like cheetahs. They are able to move quickly while making it look completely effortless. They are able to adjust their speed and quickness when they are stalking their prey, and when the time is right they have the explosive power to chase [...]

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  • How Our Clients Benefit from Our Agile Software Development Approach Through our years of experience in software development, we love the flexibility that Agile provides, and our customers do too. Here are a couple of the biggest benefits of Agile software development: Better Relationships Agile fosters better relationships between our team and our clients. Agile opens [...]

  • How Agile at QAT Global is Unique Putting Agile to Work With Distributed Software Development for Enterprise Clients There are many different variations to the Agile methodology. At QAT Global, there are a few distinct ways that we approach projects using Agile to provide flexibility and stability for our customers. Daily Scrum Meetings - Communication [...]

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  • 10 Common Misconceptions about Agile Software Development Here are 10 common misconceptions about Agile software development we've encountered. Agile software development is a popular topic of discussion for many businesses. As such, there tends to be a lot of hype surrounding it and thus, misconceptions abound. 1. Agile development's primary goal is speed, to [...]

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  • Top 10 Secrets to Agile Offshoring Success Thinking about getting started with an Agile offshoring project? Here are 10 tips to make Agile offshoring success Make sure there is a cultural fit between onshore and offshore teams to facilitate teamwork and communication Minimize time zone differences between client and offshore team to support communication [...]

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  • A Project Management Methodology for Agile Scrum Overview of the Agility RPM℠ Process At QAT Global, we're strong believers in Agile and put it into practice with virtually every project we work on. We've developed a repeatable process methodology we call Agility RPM℠ to maximize the time and resources on projects for clients, as [...]