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  • What You Can Expect from Your Nearshore Team at QAT Global Today’s software development projects require specialized skills and incredible talent to achieve their goals, and with every project, there are multiple ways to achieve success. If you don’t have the talent in-house, you will want to outsource that work to get the best [...]

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  • 10 Ways Your Outsourced Development Team is Key to Continuous Innovation Does your business need help to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of technology? Are you looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and continuously innovate in your industry? While you can hire and train an in-house software development team, many [...]

  • How to Discover the Best IT Outsourcing Strategy for Your Business In today's market, businesses are quickly expanding beyond their original scopes, and IT outsourcing is the ideal solution for achieving this goal. IT outsourcing is a business strategy for utilizing external service providers that provide enterprises access to IT expertise, resources, and flexibility [...]

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  • Onshore, Offshore, or Nearshore IT Outsourcing: What is the Difference and Which Route to Take As the IT sector in the U.S. increases, so does the demand for highly skilled workers. With demand currently outpacing supply, the resulting nationwide shortage of skilled IT workers greatly hinders the technology industry. Long term, this is [...]

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  • 3 Mistakes Non-Technical People Make When They Develop Software Developing successful software is challenging, and creating it can be even more difficult if you aren’t technically skilled. Not only must you manage all the typical challenges that accompany development, but you must also learn what those challenges are in the first place. Software development [...]

  • How to Build Trust with Your Nearshore Team Trust is an essential component of any successful team. Without trust, teams encounter substantial communication, productivity, and collaboration challenges. And while trust is crucial for any organization, building trust is even more critical for companies partnering with nearshore teams. Remote teams can easily experience misunderstandings that [...]

  • How to Ensure Your Developers are Best Utilized Why is it important to make the most of your developers? There is no doubt that software development is a highly technical and demanding organizational function. Often, this leads to developers not being utilized optimally, leading to dissatisfied employees, poor code quality, inefficient development processes, increased [...]

  • Should you outsource your Software development needs? Custom development is a process that encompasses various stages, including requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and deployment. The development of software may be performed by an in-house development team or outsourced to a software development partner. The decision to outsource the development of custom software is often [...]

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  • QAT Global Resume Guidelines The resume should be submitted in PLAIN TEXT or WORD DOC format. Please take note of all capitalization other formatting conventions. Please provide complete information and do not worry about the number of pages it takes to do so. DOWNLOAD the guidelines Resume First Name Last Name [...]