7 Reasons to Offshore to Brazil  

7 Reasons to Offshore to Brazil

7 Reasons to Offshore to Brazil  

7 Reasons to Offshore to Brazil

When evaluating potential offshore locations, companies are increasingly looking to nearshore locations such as Brazil in search of...

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7 Reasons to Offshore to Brazil  

When evaluating potential offshore locations, companies are increasingly looking to nearshore locations such as Brazil in search of higher quality results at healthy cost savings. At QAT Global, our relationship with Brazil dates back to 1998. Our leadership team recognized the potential of Brazil as a nearshoring location early on and has worked diligently over the years to build a world-class development center in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, that consistently delivers results that delight our clients.  
Brazil is an enticing alternative to traditional offshore locations like China and India because of its proximity to the United States. It is both the largest economy in Latin America and is ranked as the world’s seventh-largest economy. Brazil offers excellent telecommunications and energy infrastructure and is host to other technology companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP. Here are seven vital reasons you should consider nearshoring to Brazil.  

7. Highly Skilled Talent

Brazil counts 250,000 IT professionals among its populationmaking it an excellent location for locating offshore talent. One of Brazil’s top computer science undergraduate programs can be found local to QAT Brazil, at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Brazil’s investments in education have had a tremendous impact on its development into the technology hub that it is.  

6. Quality Development

With the large pool of talented professionals, Brazil has to offer, qualified candidates are employed and taken through intensive training to teach architecture, the process, standards, and tools needed for delivering robust enterprise applications. As we develop teams for clients, even the most experienced developers are passed through this training to ensure that everyone is following the same roadmap. We also adapt our training to fit the client‘s architecture and standards as needed, ensuring a good fit between our developers and client requirement needs. 

QAT Global’s distributed development projects are also overseen by a delivery manager at QAT Global’s US office. This allows us to identify issues quickly, diagnose when the traditional working approach does not apply and have the flexibility and availability of searching for new solutions to ensure the delivery of highquality results.  

5. Costs Savings and ROI

Cost savings are typically the main reason companies choose to offshore. Uberaba, being a mid-sized city, has a lower cost of living compared to large cities like Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo – therefore, we can employ the best talent for a significantly lower rate compared to the US. The QAT Brazil Development Center provides ROI that has been well received by customers who have opted to take advantage of its technical resources. 

4. Low Turnover

At QAT Global, we have found incredible success with our Offshore Development site in Uberaba through an impressive retention rate of 97.6% over the last five years. Having a high retention rate leads to more consistency and expertise because new employees aren’t being hired in and out, over and over again. 

3. Cultural Similarities

Brazilian IT professionals have more in common with US professionals than many other offshore centers across the globe, and they generally possess fluency in English. Curiosity, ingenuity, and friendliness are core features of Brazilian workers, along with a great sense of commitment to get the job done. Similarities between onshore and offshore staff results in quality results.   

2. Natural Affinity for the United States

Brazil has a natural affinity for the United States and high regard for our products, brands, and technologiesBrazil’s progressive domestic market for software services has a strong history of being receptive to new ideas. With an increased exchange of ideas and talent, now is an excellent time to offshore to Brazil. 

1. Compatible Time Zones

Lastly, compatible time zones allow for more natural communication and travel when necessary. Projects can be monitored in realtime, leading to quality results. There is only a difference of 2 to 4 hours between US CDT and Uberaba, Brazil. 

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