Low Turnover Rate Key to Offshore Success

Low Turnover Rate Key to Offshore Success

Low Turnover Rate Key to Offshore Success

Low Turnover Rate Key to Offshore Success
Last Updated: November 17, 20234.1 min readCategories: Nearshoring
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Offshore Development Clients Finding Great Success through Low Turnover Rate

A high turnover rate can be a real problem when it comes to the world of IT outsourcing. Within the past few years, offshoring has become a very popular solution to IT production needs and staffing shortages. Recently, though, American companies have come full circle and brought production back onshore. The gap between offshoring and onshoring has narrowed due to issues with turnover rates, a smaller wage gap in many former offshoring hot spots, time zone challenges, and communication issues. According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies, overseas vendors face a high staff turnover rate – up to 40% per year. This high turnover rate can be cause for major concern to companies looking to offshore. With high turnover rates come diminished productivity and expertise. At QAT Global, we have found incredible success with our Offshore Development site in Uberaba, MG, Brazil with the total average turnover rate being merely 2.4%.

Having a high retention rate leads to more consistency throughout an organization. It also leads to more expertise because the company is not like a revolving door and turning over new employees every month. If companies are constantly bringing in new employees, there will be a great decrease in the overall productivity which could lead to erratic delivery performance. IT offshore development sites need highly skilled and trained employees to deliver quality solutions, and high turnover rates destroy the advantages of using offshore talent. Over the past five years, QAT Global’s Offshore Development site in Brazil has been a bright spot in staff retention with an incredibly high retention rate of 97.6% over the last five years and delivering top-quality IT solutions. This is one of the lowest turnover rates amongst all offshore sites irrespective of country. This low turnover rate helps ensure that when offshoring with QAT Global you will receive the best quality solutions and products that we have to offer.

The way we are able to achieve high retention and low turnover rates are through our established core values. At QAT Global, our value of encouraging growth and diversity within each employee and client helps create a family environment. We do not simply want to be a source of income for our employees, but we want help push them to achieve personal and professional growth. This culture encourages interactivity amongst our staff, helping each employee feel supported, encouraged, and important to accomplishing the goals of projects and QAT Global. When employees feel like their roles matter, they are more likely to stay with a company and will work harder. We have found that by establishing a strong company culture that can break through cultural boundaries, we improve our effectiveness regardless of country.

QAT Global has established a culture in our America location that is reflected and carried out in our Offshore Development Center in Brazil. When offshoring with QAT Global, you receive service unlike any other company with an offshoring offering. The service you receive is the same as if you were onshoring the project. All of the processes and expertise do not change. The hiring process is thorough and rigorous to ensure we have the best technical staff that is well experienced in the field of technology. We know that the Brazil employees are vital to the overall success of QAT Global so we invest in them. All employees in our Brazil location will go through an intensive training process to ensure that all of the processes are consistent no matter the project. This training also ensures all employees are in unison when working on projects and will, in turn, increase the time-to-market. Through creating and maintaining a challenging and stimulating work environment we strive to help our employees achieve their full potential.

At QAT Global, we pride ourselves in knowing we have some of the most highly skilled and trained employees in the technology field. We also pride ourselves in being able to retain this top talent. Every employee is vital to the overall success of QAT Global both onshore and off.
Learn more at: https://qat.com/brazil-offshore-development-center/

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