QAT Global - Custom Software Development and Testing - Brazil and Costa Rica Nearshore Outsourcing

Offshoring Just
Got Better.

Discover the Nearshore Outsourcing
Advantages of Costa Rica and Brazil.
Offshoring Just
Got Better.
Discover the Nearshore Advantage of Costa Rica and Brazil.

IT Outsourcing, Simplified

We create innovative, agile custom web and mobile software applications for enterprises and government agencies from our nearshore development centers.

    Reliable delivery:
    In terms of transition, budget, schedule, service levels and response time, whatever the scale or complexity.

    Value and flexibility:
    QAT Global provides multiple options for great service at a competitive price for any client. Our flexible services will evolve to meet your changing business needs. A combination of our Rural Outsourcing in Omaha, Nebraska and our Best Shore resources in Brazil will provide the flexibility and value you’re looking for. Compared to most busy metropolitan areas, our Rural and Offshore Brazil rates are 20% and 50% lower respectively.

    Agility and speed:
    Delivering great results and minimal risk to satisfy the evolving business environment faster through agile distributed development and extensive experience.

    Mature technology partner:
    State-of-the-art software development with a focus on great architecture, security, usability, and efficiency mixed with unmatched productivity and performance for a perfect combination. We invest significant time and resources to constantly evolve our state of the art architecture and framework, which provides significant value to our customers as we engage.

Leverage the Power of
Nearshore Outsourcing

Outsourced innovation and development for
faster results at a competitive price.

About QAT Global

QAT Global got its start in 1995, developing enterprise-level solutions using model-based development tools that enabled our products and services to span multiple platforms and databases.

Our early success with large enterprise customers across multiple platforms and databases instilled a development culture with a focus on tools, repeatable development processes, application scalability and component reuse, a culture that is still very much part of this company.

Although the technology has changed over the years, with our core practices around Java, .NET and model-based development, these core strengths in enterprise-level architecture, development and business process automation continue to be fully leveraged across our solution stack.

We have worked with experienced teams from the Fortune 500, government agencies, and startups with amazing dreams. Through the peaks and valleys, and from desktop to web to mobile, we’ve done work that we are deeply proud of.

Clients Who Trust Us

We’ve worked with enterprise clients, government agencies, young startups, and everyone in between. We build software that gets you to market quicker, gives you more control, and paves the way for the efficient development of future versions.

  • First National Bank
  • FedEx Freight
  • Sensus
  • WellSky
  • TSYS
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • JP Morgan
  • States of Alaska, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin