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Successful mobile application development rationally combines three aspects: a market, user, and the product itself. These three factors should work together in harmony to deliver unique value, great usability, and excellent performance to users. With the right tools, partner, and methodologies, you can ensure your mobile product is robust and well-fitted to your target market’s needs.

At QAT Global, we understand the importance of these three elements and how they contribute to the success of your mobile app. With our extensive experience in mobile app development across various industries, we have the expertise to collaborate with you in creating cutting-edge, secure, and scalable mobile apps that work seamlessly across all popular platforms.

Mobile Application Development Quick Sheet

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Types of Projects We Can Help With

Benefits of Expert Mobile Application Development

Combining business objectives and scalable technological solutions to achieve better results.

The Value We Bring to Your Mobile App Solution

Partnering with the right mobile solutions provider is essential to empower your enterprise with a robust and well-fitted mobile app. At QAT Global, we combine market-centric approaches, user experience excellence, cutting-edge technologies, and optimized development processes to deliver exceptional mobile solutions.

Industry-Specific Enterprise Mobility Solutions

By leveraging our diverse industry expertise and mobile application development capabilities, QAT Global can create enterprise mobile apps that address your industry-specific challenges, requirements, standards, and needs.

Types of Mobile Apps We Develop

Customized Solutions for Enterprise Companies

At QAT Global, we take pride in offering comprehensive enterprise mobile application development services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Our expertise extends to developing different types of mobile apps, including business-to-customer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and business-to-employee (B2E) applications. Whatever your specific requirements may be, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver exceptional solutions that align with your business objectives.

We specialize in progressive web application (PWA) development, harnessing the power of this innovative technology to create fast, reliable, and engaging mobile apps. Our team of experts will closely collaborate with you to understand your business objectives and deliver a tailored PWA solution that optimizes user experience, expands your reach across devices and platforms, and drives tangible results for your enterprise.

Our Expertise in Mobile App Development

Our dedicated developers work hard to understand your business needs, who your customers are, who your competition is, and what your key challenges may be. We work with you to develop a mobile strategy that is designed to achieve your unique business objectives. Our initial goal is to discover critical requirements by analyzing and gathering information on different aspects of your business in order to suggest the right technology for your mobile solution.

Our Commitments

At QAT Global, we share the innovation and product strategy vision of our partners. We are fully committed to increasing the effectiveness of innovation while adding the right value in executing that vision and getting it right the first time!

Superior User Experience

We ensure a superior user experience with a responsive design, high processing speed, and other mobile-specific factors that your users desire.

Seamless Integration

Seamless data synchronization enables our customers to accelerate business processes and eliminate ineffective routine operations.

Security & Compliance

We ensure data safety with the implementation of mobile security, identity, and access management. Solutions are also designed to conform with common compliance requirements .

Our Ongoing Process

To Building Intuitive Mobile Solutions That Attract and Retain Users

Top-performing mobile products should have a well-crafted system architecture, flawless code quality, an ongoing effort to improve the product and stay up-to-date with user expectations. Not only will the users of your product change, so will their needs, behavior, and the devices they choose to use. QAT Global uses best practices, the best mix of technologies, and proven methodologies to face these challenges, boost mobile app development time, and provide a flawless user experience. The process should never stop.

Mobile apps must be able to function well in various contexts and provide industry-specific solutions to users at the same time. QAT Global’s strategy is to carefully analyze a client’s unique needs, business structure, and processes, and overall company culture to develop a solid understanding of the app’s target audience and preferences.

A consultation and analysis of an enterprise’s current business position and needs is the first step in mobile development. It is important to know what current systems and processes will be integrated with the app to best advise on the technologies and strategies that best suit their vision and needs.

QAT Global uses an agile development method that aims to provide flexibility, efficiency, and high-quality results by taking innovative development steps through the planning, development, and testing processes. With our proven Agile methodology, QAT Global has overcome the challenges of working in a distributed environment. Our repeatable process allows us to consistently deliver high-quality, secure mobile app products for your enterprise.

Native development requires building multiple applications for different platforms, such as Android and iOS. Cross-platform development, on the other hand, enables an application to function on all platforms, avoiding the hassle of building and maintaining multiple separate apps. Thanks to technologies like Progressive Web Applications (PWA), we have the ability to build a single application that delivers a robust native-like experience for your users across all platforms and devices.

While both options have advantages and disadvantages, building and maintaining a PWA is less time-consuming and requires fewer resources than native mobile applications.

There are many challenges that can come about while building an enterprise mobile solution. Some of these challenges may include building:

  • Creating a user-friendly, fast, and highly functional design
  • Building a mobile-friendly design that has the technical capabilities to work on different devices and different screen sizes
  • Ability to provide offline functionality
  • Building a maintainable architecture with effective integrations, readable code, minimal errors, and high-security capabilities

These challenges can all be solved and avoided by choosing the right mobile app technology partner. At QAT Global, we pride ourselves on always working with the client’s goals in mind and delivering added value through our agile methods and dedicated development teams.

Enterprise Mobile App Development Approach

QAT Global is a trusted enterprise application development partner for some of the world’s largest organizations. Our development approach fosters flexibility, scalability, and security, and we emphasize building a long-term partnership.

PWA Solutions

PWAs combine the best of web and mobile app technologies, delivering a seamless and responsive experience across multiple devices and platforms. We leveraging this emerging technology to create fast-loading, offline-capable, and engaging mobile apps that bridge the gap between web and native apps.

Long-Term Mobile Partners

Our team is committed to building strong, long-term relationships with our clients. Rather than a project-based approach, we deliver the right help and advice on demand and aim to build trust, mutual respect, transparency, accountability, and a sense of operational partnership.

End-To-End Development

We provide custom, end-to-end enterprise mobile development services for your full project lifecycle – conception to delivery. For organizations that are new to mobile, we’ll help turn your mobile vision into reality.

Scalable Solutions

QAT Global develops scalable solutions that can handle the unique demands of large enterprises. We build applications for enterprises of varying sizes and function as extended teams of these enterprises.

Enabling Greater Enterprise Mobility Success

By taking advantage of our enterprise mobile application development capabilities, you can provide your employees, partners, and customers with useful tools to work together and stay connected whenever and from wherever they need. You can also give them the ability to access and manage corporate data and operate on their choice of mobile device.

Enabling high levels of enterprise mobility delivers powerful benefits to companies through streamlined workflows, increased employee productivity, and ensuring users have quick and secure access to the corporate knowledge base.

Experience the QAT Global advantage and unlock the full potential of your enterprise through custom development services. Let’s transform your ideas into reality.

QAT Global Insights into

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development: Your Questions Answered

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a type of web application that leverages modern web technologies to provide a mobile app-like experience. PWAs are designed to work on any device and can be accessed through a web browser, eliminating the need for users to download and install a native app from an app store.

Developing a PWA for mobile applications offers several benefits, including:

  • Cross-platform Compatibility: PWAs work across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, reducing development and maintenance costs.
  • Offline Functionality: PWAs can function offline or with limited connectivity, allowing users to access content and features even without an internet connection.
  • Improved Performance: PWAs are designed to be fast and responsive, delivering a seamless user experience with smooth navigation and quick load times.
  • Discoverability: PWAs can be discovered through search engines, making it easier for users to find and access your app.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Developing a PWA eliminates the need for separate development efforts for different platforms, saving time and resources.
  • Ease of Updates: PWAs can be updated in real-time without requiring users to download and install updates, ensuring users always have the latest version of your app.

While native mobile apps are downloaded and installed from app stores, PWAs are accessed through web browsers. Some key differences between PWAs and native apps include:

  • Installation: PWAs do not require installation from an app store, making them easily accessible via a URL.
  • Platform Independence: PWAs work across multiple platforms, whereas native apps are built specifically for a particular operating system (e.g., iOS or Android).
  • App Store Dependency: Native apps need to meet the guidelines and approval process of app stores, while PWAs can be deployed without going through an app store.
  • Storage Space: PWAs do not consume significant device storage space since they are not installed like native apps.

Yes, PWAs can access various device features and capabilities, including camera, microphone, geolocation, push notifications, and more. This allows PWAs to provide rich and interactive experiences similar to native apps.

PWAs follow the same security protocols as traditional web applications. They are served over HTTPS, ensuring data transmission is encrypted and secure. PWAs also adhere to the same security standards and best practices as other web applications.

Yes, PWAs can be converted into native apps using frameworks and tools like Apache Cordova or React Native. This allows you to distribute your app through app stores and provide additional functionality specific to the native platform.

PWAs can be promoted and distributed through various channels, including your website, social media platforms, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Since PWAs are discoverable via search engines, users can find and access your app by searching for relevant keywords.

Enterprise mobile development refers to the practice of creating and deploying mobile applications that are designed to solve the problems of an enterprise. Enterprise mobile apps include robust administrative management and security capabilities and are designed to be portable, scalable, and trusted to help large organizations engage with customers, partners, and employees.

Enterprise mobile apps are continuously becoming more critical to enterprises as they are a great way to improve internal processes, reduce costs, enhance external customer experience, and increase revenue. Mobile apps allow customers and employees to access data and processes through the digital realm, driving the business forward and protecting your competitive position.

Investing in enterprise mobile app development can bring numerous benefits to your organization. These include improved efficiency and productivity, enhanced communication and collaboration, better customer engagement, streamlined processes, data-driven insights, and a competitive edge in the market. Mobile apps have become an essential tool for modern businesses, providing opportunities for growth and innovation.

Enterprise mobile apps can improve processes such as customer service, sales enablement, messaging, collaboration, and more. Any company that wants to stay ahead of the market needs to consider incorporating mobile apps, as they will be a crucial source of competitive advantage in the near future.

Unfortunately, there’s no fixed cost of mobile app development, as it all depends on the features and complexity of the product. However, QAT Global’s PWA development solution is much less expensive than developing native mobile apps because we eliminate the need to create multiple versions of the same app for different operating systems. This solution also accelerates time to market and lowers the maintenance of the app.

The development timeline for an enterprise mobile app depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the app, desired features and functionalities, integration requirements with existing systems, and the overall scope of the project. Our team follows an agile development methodology to ensure efficient and timely delivery, and we work closely with you to establish realistic timelines based on your specific project requirements.

Security is a top priority in enterprise mobile app development. At QAT Global, we implement industry best practices and robust security measures to protect your sensitive data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. We utilize secure authentication mechanisms, encryption techniques, secure data storage practices, and conduct thorough security testing to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Yes, we specialize in integrating mobile apps with existing enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, HR management, and other back-end systems. Our team has extensive experience in seamless integration, ensuring that your mobile app can communicate and exchange data securely with your existing systems, enabling efficient workflows and providing a unified user experience.