QAT Global’s Client Portal – Work Just Got Easier

Manage Your Projects & Team Members All In One Place

The Client Portal streamlines communication and serves as a powerful bridge between you and QAT Global, ensuring transparency, accessibility, and control throughout your engagement. Our portal supports the full client life cycle and creates multiple points of feedback and easy access to the details, empowering you to take charge of your projects and team members effortlessly.

Clients enjoy visibility into their teams and individual performers, can address any issues or concerns they may have, see details on engagements, view status reports, provide feedback, and make requests. Clients also have access to individual team member’s bios including a high-level skills summary, contact information, and management hierarchy. Permissioned roles provide the perfect levels of insights for members of client staff – from middle management on up to the C Suite.

Client Portal Quick Sheet

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Your success is our priority, and the Client Portal is just one more way we’re committed to achieving it. Experience the future of team management and communication with QAT Global’s Client Portal – the ultimate key to streamlining your work.

Key Client Portal Features

We’ve designed the Client Portal with your needs in mind, aiming to provide you with an intuitive, user-friendly platform that simplifies project management and enhances collaboration. We believe that this tool will redefine the way you work with us, making every interaction more efficient, transparent, and productive. It’s our commitment to continually empower you and ensure that your journey with QAT Global is marked by seamless communication, streamlined operations, and successful outcomes.