Unleash the Power of IT Software Development Outsourcing with Costa Rica Offshoring

At QAT Global, we understand the critical role that IT software development plays in driving enterprise success. If you’re seeking to optimize your software development processes while reducing costs, our Costa Rica Offshoring services are tailored to meet your needs. With our extensive expertise and strategic location in Costa Rica, we are your trusted partner for outsourcing IT software development projects

Our Costa Rica Offshore Development Center

Our Costa Rica location is in San Antonio de Belén, which is located in the beautiful Costa Rican province of Heredia. Our Costa Rican development teams bring a wide range of experience in developing enterprise solutions for clients in a variety of industries, including the development of new web applications, software product development (SaaS), and legacy systems modernization. We are experienced in all of the major enterprise application technology stacks.

Our wholly-owned nearshore location is exceptionally convenient and beneficial for our clients on the West Coast or in the central US. Costa Rica is in the central time zone, falling in the same time zone as many of our long-term clients and our US headquarters. The Costa Rica offshore development center fosters a productive environment with open communication without the hassle of managing time zone discrepancies. Our talented staff effectively communicates and collaborates in real-time during traditional work hours, increasing problem-solving productivity and precision. QAT Global Costa Rica offers our clients English and Spanish-speaking resources for nearshore projects.

Costa Rica Outsourcing

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Types of Projects We Can Help With

Benefits of IT Software Development Outsourcing with Costa Rica Offshoring

Costa Rican Characteristics & Facts

  • Ranked #1 Nearshore Outsourcing Destination in Latin America (Consistently ranked by Tholons and AT Kearney)

  • The highest educated workforce in the Region, often referenced as the “Silicon Valley of Latin America”

  • Solid Infrastructure & Utilities: Including 100% Internet Redundancy (3 Fiber Optic Submarine Cables)

  • Global business hub with over 350 multinationals

  • Education system ranked superior in quality and literacy rate vs. traditional offshore destinations

  • Safest country in the region – recognized worldwide for its political stability and peace

  • Significant Tax Incentives, Multiple Free Trade Zones for the Services Sector

  • Flexible Labor Schedules/Holidays Aligned to Us Market

QAT Global Costa Rica Staff Demographics

The Costa Rica Offshore Outsourcing Advantage

Distributed Development that Delivers Competitive Costs and Minimized Risks

IT Offshoring with Costa Rica Outsourcing

How We Can Help You

Enhance your software development capacity with complete development teams or augment your existing in-house staff with our highly skilled technical resources. Our nearshore outsourcing solution is the ideal solution for your development needs, offering exceptional value, stability, and flexibility. We are experienced in developing solutions for the Banking & Financial Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, and Utilities & Energy Services industries.

Web Development

Unlike most other outsourcing development companies, we offer strong expertise in both design and development capabilities.


  • Engineer a system from the ground up
  • Customize open-source software
  • Update existing applications
  • Build anything from simple e-commerce to complex web-based internet applications


QAT Global Costa Rica offers reliable, efficient, and superior testing services. We help our clients go live faster without sacrificing quality.


  • Minimizing business risk
  • Flexible testing
  • Providing comfort and reassurance

Software Dev

Our Costa Rica development center implements quality collaboration of our best practices, communication, standards, and governance.

Agile Development Methodology

  • New applications
  • Supporting and/or enhancing existing applications
  • Re-platforming antiquated systems onto more robust, cloud-based, scalable platforms
Unlock the power of our talent network. Partner with QAT Global for your staffing needs and experience the difference of having a dedicated team of experts supporting your enterprise’s growth.

QAT Global Insights into

IT Outsourcing with Costa Rica Offshoring

Outsourcing to Costa Rica: Your Questions Answered

Outsourcing to Costa Rica offers several advantages, including:

  • Highly skilled workforce: Costa Rica has a large pool of talented IT professionals with expertise in various technologies.
  • Proximity and time zone advantage: Costa Rica shares time zones with many U.S. cities, allowing for easier collaboration and communication.
  • Cultural compatibility: Costa Rica has a strong English proficiency and a culture that aligns closely with Western countries, making it easier to work together.
  • Stable political and economic environment: Costa Rica has a stable political and economic climate, which contributes to a favorable outsourcing environment.
  • Strong educational system: The country has a robust education system that emphasizes technical skills, producing a skilled talent pool.

QAT Global’s team members in Costa Rica’s are well-equipped to handle various enterprise software development projects, including:

  • Custom software development
  • Web and mobile application development
  • Cloud computing and SaaS solutions
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Business intelligence and data analytics solutions

Ensuring quality is a priority when outsourcing or contracting IT staff from Costa Rica. Some measures we take to ensure quality include:

  • Rigorous talent selection: We have a thorough recruitment process that assesses technical skills, experience, and language proficiency.
  • Robust training and professional development programs: We invest in continuous training and skill development to keep our IT staff updated with the latest technologies and best practices.
  • Quality control processes: We follow industry-standard quality control measures, including code reviews, testing, and project management methodologies, to ensure high-quality deliverables.
  • Strong project management: Our experienced project managers oversee projects and ensure adherence to quality standards and timelines.

Communication and language barriers are minimized when working with a nearshore location like Costa Rica. Here’s how we address them:

  • Bilingual workforce: Costa Rica has a high level of English proficiency, which enables effective communication between teams.
  • Cultural affinity: Costa Rica shares cultural similarities with Western countries, making it easier to understand and align with client expectations.
  • Dedicated communication channels: We leverage various communication tools and platforms to facilitate smooth and timely communication.
  • Project management oversight: Our project managers play a crucial role in bridging any communication gaps and ensuring clarity in project requirements.

Nearshore outsourcing from Costa Rica offers several benefits, including:

  • Proximity and time zone advantage: Costa Rica’s geographic proximity to the United States allows for easier collaboration, real-time communication, and reduced travel time.
  • Cultural compatibility: Costa Rica’s cultural affinity with Western countries helps foster smoother collaboration and understanding.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Nearshore outsourcing from Costa Rica can provide cost savings compared to onshore options, while maintaining high-quality work.
  • Talent pool: Costa Rica has a well-educated and skilled workforce, making it a favorable destination for outsourcing IT projects.
  • Stable environment: Costa Rica’s political stability and reliable infrastructure contribute to a secure and conducive outsourcing environment.