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At QAT Global, we understand the critical role that quality assurance and testing play in the success of custom software development projects. Our team of experienced professionals are equipped to provide comprehensive testing services tailored to your specific needs. With our commitment to delivering reliable, robust, and user-centric software solutions, you can trust us to elevate the quality of your custom software development projects.

Application Testing Services We Can Help With

Ensuring Software Quality and Usability with Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Software defects have a direct, negative impact on profitability. Even a small number of defects can have a catastrophic impact on a business, its customers, and its partners. Plus, QA and software testing can make or break go-live schedules and user adoption of new technologies. Leaders must rely on proven testing processes and technologies to increase efficiency and precision while reducing risk, costs, and cycle times.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services Quick Sheet

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To achieve the highest levels of quality assurance, QAT Global brings together the strongest testing expertise, processes, technology, and people to deliver testing solutions your can trust. We started by recruiting top software engineers with a passion for testing and then providing them with QA-specific best practices training and a supportive environment so they can be their very best. The results speak for themselves.

QAT Global adopts a strategic approach to quality management, helping to win more business agility and, at the same time, reducing costs and business and technical risks. We work with your company to ensure that IT investments are optimized. The goal is to integrate new approaches to dealing with quality from the point of view of a business.

QAT Global specializes in high-value-added software testing and even Agile-aligned app testing to support faster timeframes. Now you can have a flexible partner that can meet your business needs and deliver the quality your end-users expect.

Why QAT Global for Your QA & Testing Services

QAT Global offers testing for a single application or your entire IT system. Our testing services combine your in-house capabilities with our specialized testing expertise to offer a range of benefits that make us the ideal choice for your QA and testing needs.

Our best practices further enhance our value proposition:

Our Process

Brazil Process

Acceptance Criteria and Bug Threshold Services

Setting the Bar for Software Success with Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria define the boundaries of user stories, ensure functionality meets user needs, and confirm completion. Software development projects succeed or fail based on the ability of a development team to meet their clients’ documented and perceived acceptance criteria.  QAT Global’s Acceptance Criteria and Bug Threshold Services help define system behavior, ensure expected features, gauge work requirements, and guide development and QA testing. By incorporating acceptance criteria into requirements documentation, projects are more likely to succeed with higher customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and cost control.

Good acceptance criteria encompass functional requirements, usability measures, performance expectations, error handling protocols, and stress testing thresholds. Our services help establish the foundation for successful software development projects.

QAT Global customizes acceptance criteria to meet the needs and expectations of each client. We work closely with you to clearly define your needs and expectations, so your requirements documentation clearly outlines your acceptance criteria for each type of functionality, and your user stories are well defined.

Ultimately, testing is done using your acceptance criteria. Acceptance test-driven tests outline what the user should be able to do, define when acceptance criteria are “done,” and rely on the core principles of Agile by enabling communication between the business and engineering and between dev and QA.

Acceptance Criteria and Bug Threshold Services

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Bug Thresholds: Balancing Bug Fixing Priorities for Successful Software Deployment

A software bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result or behave in unintended ways. Bug thresholds play a crucial role in software development, allowing teams to determine the severity and priority of bugs. It is common practice for software to be released with known bugs that are considered “non-critical” as defined by the project owners and developers. While software products may, by definition, contain any number of unknown bugs, measurements during testing can provide an estimate of the number of likely bugs remaining. This becomes more reliable the longer a product is tested and developed. Decisions on whether to fix a bug depend on factors such as project deadlines, cost, impact on the software, and future releases.

Our Agile team leads help you triage bugs to effectively identify which ones could present a risk to a project’s successful deployment and those that don’t need further attention. Using statistical data, test engineers keep projects focused on the intended outcome and do not waste time or budget chasing outliers that do not impact project outcomes.

QAT Global’s automated testing framework can be easily coupled with your organization’s architecture, delivering state-of-the-art and
innovative software quality automation tools.

Automation Testing

Automated Testing Services Quick Sheet

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Putting Automation to Work to Check for Problems

Every time your software code is modified, it needs to be tested to ensure quality. As your codebase grows and you add new functionality, manual testing becomes inefficient and costly. Automated testing uses software to test software, making it the most appropriate type of testing when a product changes often but has large functionality.

Automated testing starts by writing a program that simulates thousands of executed commands in the same order. Each time your software doesn’t perform to your specifications, the program records the exact command that caused the anomaly. Once you correct the problem in the codebase, you run the very same set of commands to verify that your fix was successful.

Test automation is not the answer to all of your software testing challenges. However, test automation services have become an important part of most testing strategies.

We are here to help you design and implement an automated testing strategy for your organization and ensure there is an operational plan in place to maintain it. You retain ownership of all the test scripts we develop for you, and we provide guidance on how to enhance them as needed.

While automating the functional testing of your projects, we are committed to:

  • Estimate efforts required for the introduction of test automation
  • Develop or recommend the use of a ready framework
  • Develop automated test scripts for the selected tool
  • Design test data and prepare a reference database
  • Implement a process to run automated tests, upgrade automated test scripts, and analyze results
  • Train your experts to use and support automation scripts

We believe that selecting the right tool for automated test scripts, test tool implementation methodology, test automation design approach, and test automation project methodology are key factors in ensuring the success of test automation projects. Automation engineers at QAT Global have expertise in various tools, including, Selenium (C/C++, C#, .NET, Java, Visual Basic, Python, and PHP.), Borland SilkTest, HP UFT/QTP, Rational Functional Tester, Monkeytalk, Robotium, Rational Robot, Telerik Test Studio.

Automated Testing Process

Why Automated Testing?

Automated testing is a valuable tool for organizations developing apps across various platforms, including web, mobile, and enterprise desktop. It is particularly beneficial for extensive testing efforts and multiple testing cycles. By supplementing manual testing, automated testing provides fast and objective insights, leading to cost reductions of up to 40% and test time reductions of up to 20%.

While automation is highly beneficial, human interaction remains essential. QAT Global recognizes the importance of both automation and human involvement. If automation is deemed advantageous for your project, our automation engineers will assess the cost and benefits, incorporating automation into your Test Plan and Proposal.

Test Automation Benefits

  • Reduced development times due to increased testing speed
  • A reusable library of test assets that can be quickly executed
  • Improved efficiency, shorter test cycles, and increased test coverage by automating repetitive tests
  • Increased software quality
  • Optimized resource usage

Functional Testing Services for Flawless Software Performance

To guarantee the success of your application, it is crucial to conduct thorough functional testing. QAT Global understands the significant investment made in software development and the detrimental impact of releasing a flawed application. Even the most well-designed software can fail if it contains bugs.

Functional Testing Services Quick Sheet

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Through our Functional Testing Services, we ensure that your application is thoroughly tested for all possible scenarios. By identifying and resolving issues, we prevent undesired results, provide an exceptional user experience, and seize opportunities. Neglecting functional testing can lead users to explore alternative options readily accessible with a simple tap, swipe, or click.

When it comes to software testing, a “fresh pair of eyes” plays a crucial role in uncovering defects in functionality. Developers strive to test their code and the application during development, but their close familiarity with the product often leads to assumptions and acceptance of quirks that end-users would not tolerate. At QAT Global, our independent software testers offer a clean, objective approach to testing. They bring a fresh perspective and employ testing methodologies that your developers may not utilize. The outcome? Well-described defects that enable your developers to refine your software, website, or mobile application to perfection.

Functional testing is one of the most powerful testing approaches to reduce defects found in later stages significantly.

  • The objective of functional testing is to measure the quality of the business components of the system.
  • Functional testing can be an overwhelming task for teams with little experience.
  • To ensure success, the scope of the testing effort must be well-defined.

Functional testing requires well-formed functional requirements, from which the testers can create definitive test cases. Functional tests validate and verify that the developed system behaves according to the client/business specifications. Verifying that each component responds correctly to all conditions that may result from incoming events or data.

Functional testing is a critical success factor in the process of software quality assurance.

Functional Testing Approach

QAT Global is here to support you in pursuit of perfection and higher ROI. Our fully customizable functional testing services are ready to meet any and all challenging end-user requirements and timelines.

Engage QAT Global from the beginning. Testing and QA should be tightly coupled with your development process, irrespective of the process you are following. Our resources blend in with various development processes, be it traditional, incremental, or agile. Our test professionals combine the balance of functional testing best practices and test flexibility to tailor an optimal test strategy for every client’s situation.

QAT Global provides:

  • Testing professionals with proven expertise in test strategy, planning, and test execution techniques
  • Testing professionals with experience across a variety of technologies and testing tools (both commercial and Open Source)
  • Tailored testing approaches and processes to meet a wide range of development methodologies

Our approach starts with exploratory testing, where our team gets to know your application. Based on their experience, they get methodical, develop a scenario matrix, and execute all possible test cases to assess application quality. This involves testing every function of software separately and all functions together.

Functional Testing Process

QAT Global also offers manual testing services to ensure that software meets specifications and meets a high-quality functional accessibility level.

Manual Testing Services  – Ensuring Software Quality Through Human Expertise

Manual testing involves the meticulous examination of software products by experienced testing professionals without relying on automated tools or scripts. This oldest and most stringent form of testing aims to ensure a good user experience by simulating end-user interactions and uncovering unexpected behaviors or bugs. Manual testing adapts easily to changes and new challenges, allowing testers to quickly detect defect patterns and differentiate them from minor deviations.

Manual Testing Services Quick Sheet

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While automated testing is valuable for repetitive tests and code stability, manual testing remains indispensable. At QAT Global, we approach manual testing as an interactive and exploratory process. We establish a testing strategy, develop a comprehensive test plan, and create detailed test cases to ensure thorough coverage of all application features. Our testers assume the role of end-users, meticulously exploring the software to identify defects and provide insights on achieving efficient, business-oriented solutions.

Manual testing encompasses various stages, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing. It excels in User Interface Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Usability Testing, Error Handling Testing, Installation Testing, and Security Testing. While automation testing has its merits, manual testing remains an essential component of the software development lifecycle, delivering invaluable human expertise to ensure software quality and meet user expectations.

At QAT Global, our manual testers have years of exposure to testing software manually. Apart from a deep understanding of program functionality, our manual testers are exceptionally patient, observant, open-minded, and resourceful, allowing them to perform your manual testing consistently and thoroughly. Our manual testers go through your code in great detail to develop appropriate test environments, test plans, and test cases to achieve your quality goals. We are proficient in manual testing using the waterfall model, agile model, static/dynamic testing, or functional/non-functional testing.

We take the necessary steps to ensure your application is secure and performs to your expectations:

  • Analyzing the requirements and functional specification
  • Defining the test environment and testing tools
  • Developing a test plan
  • Creating and prioritizing the most critical transactions
  • Building test cases
  • Executing test cases
  • Reporting bugs
  • User interface testing, compatibility testing, configuration testing, functionality testing, localization
  • Product specification and user documentation review
  • Providing detailed testing status reports, including Test Reports, Bug Reports, and Test Documentation

Offshore Your Manual Testing

Our testing team works partially from our offshore development offices in Costa Rica and Brazil to provide you with exceptional value and quality. Our offshore manual testing teams understand that effective testing is the key to a quality application and works to develop robust test cases. We also adhere to the best industry standards for the protection of Intellectual property. Our manual testing team offers in-depth documentation and error reporting like no automation ever could. QAT Global aims to establish long-term business relationships with all its clients. We have established a name for ourselves by offering reliable and cost-effective software testing and development services.

QAT Global offers you a perfect balance between manual and automated testing, depending on the complexity and volume of the project.

Advantages of Manual Testing

  • Detailed analysis of the program
  • A better understanding of the functionality
  • Identification of non-testable requirements
  • Recording of possible defects
  • Better GUI testing
  • Better usability testing
  • Free of machine defects

Agile Testing Services – Accelerating Software Delivery with Collaborative Testing

Agile Testing Services ProcessAgile Testing Services embrace the principles of Agile software development, integrating testing throughout the development process to achieve faster and more efficient software delivery. Unlike traditional approaches where testing is a separate phase, Agile testing involves cross-functional Agile teams where testers contribute their specialized expertise. This collaborative approach ensures that business objectives, software usability, quality, and timelines are met effectively.

In Agile testing, testing occurs in real time alongside coding, allowing testers to actively collaborate with the development team. By identifying issues early on, testers can provide actionable feedback and transform them into executable specifications that guide the coding process. Testing and coding are performed incrementally and iteratively, gradually building up each feature until it reaches the desired level of value for production release.

Adopting Agile methodologies and Agile testing practices enables businesses to grow rapidly and maintain a competitive edge. With Agile Testing Services, you can expect unbiased feedback delivered clearly, actionable information, and a seamless integration of testing within the software development process. By working together, the Agile team ensures sustainable pace, enhances collaboration, and delivers high-quality software that meets customer needs and expectations.

Our Approach

Establishing agile testing processes is our expertise. Our testers understand speed, feature stories, and Agile test design. At QAT Global, we advance with the industry’s latest methodologies and have a proven agile testing methodology. Short QA cycles in Agile development can be challenging for a QA team to release on schedule. You need never miss another deadline. Instead, you can reap the benefits of our skilled and experienced software testers. We offer Agile testing onsite, onshore, or in our Brazil offshore offices, allowing you to take advantage of QA testing in whatever model fits your needs best.

  • Testing requirements are discussed and refined as a team (stand-ups / Scrums), allowing the combined team better to address the business/technical aspects of the requirement. This enables overall alignment and prevents misunderstandings.
  • The Agile process often requires having entry and exit criteria for stories (a compression of things to do in a particular release/iteration). Agile testing ensures that each requirement is well-defined and measurable, allowing you to determine whether the requirement was actually completed or not.
  • QA participates in the big-picture requirements writing stage. This ensures testing estimates aren’t overlooked.
  • Automated tests are fully leveraged to implement Regression.
  • Quality becomes the combined team’s responsibility, rather than just solely that of QA. The entire team agrees to the testing strategies, test cases, and defects prioritization plan.

Agile Testing Services

Quality Assurance for Software Success

Boost your QA Software Testing Effort

Boost your QA software testing effort for an immediate project or economically expand your long-term capability with experienced QA software testers. We can provide the manual testing resources you need, from individual testers to dedicated teams, for every testing phase, including the maintenance of your application.

QA Services Quick Sheet

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You can benefit from the use of our offshore QA services when:

  • an independent audit of the software development services of the present offshore service provider is required
  • technical support (including its cost) of a completed project becomes a challenge
  • product quality enhancements are needed to increase overall business profitability
  • an onsite/nearshore software development process requires a dedicated offshore QA team
  • access to a unique experience, specific testing platforms, and software becomes one of your goals

Our staff includes QA engineers trained in software development and computer science, giving us the ability to undertake testing projects that require specialized skills such as API testing, database testing, and load/performance testing.

As our clients’ development methodologies and needs have evolved, our QA services have evolved as well: Agile development, shorter test cycles, faster releases, more open source and web apps, and more automation. But your real advantage in working with us for QA is how we manage our company and our relationship with you. It goes beyond best practices. It’s a partnership filled with caring attention and communication. Quality of delivery and communication is just as important to us as the quality of your software.

Hybrid Offshore QA Testing Model

Our development experience taught us this lesson well: the best way to structure offshore QA is to couple a U.S.-based project manager with an offshore QA Manager and a dedicated QA team. This hybrid solution is far superior to an offshore-only solution.

Benefits of Hybrid Bestshore Model:

  • Savings of 25-30% or above on U.S. QA costs with a bestshore team
  • Savings of 30-50% or above on U.S. QA costs with an offshore +1 team
  • Quick ramp-up of QA resources as necessary
  • Low overhead for training new staff
  • Reduced management overhead

QAT Global has successfully implemented the hybrid model for a variety of satisfied clients. Your U.S.-based project manager is your primary communications connection. Your project manager and technical lead are responsible for ensuring offshore quality, managing communication, resolving any logistical issues, and attending project meetings. This enables consistent face-time with the development and management teams ensuring a strong connection between the U.S. and offshore QA teams.

  • Your own dedicated team – talented QA engineers who are thoroughly familiar with your product, processes, and people.
  • More engineers for your budget – testing will be able to keep up with your development.
  • Daily reports and constant, effective communication – we make sure you know what you need to know when you need to know it. We will work with you to quickly fine-tune reporting procedures to be just the way you need them.
  • Dedication to solving the problem, whatever it is. Problems are simply opportunities to find a new solution. All of our managers and QA engineers share this attitude about their work.
  • No language barriers. Each project manager and team lead for your QA Lab speaks English.

Testing Services for Existing Development Teams

Why Outsource Testing for Existing Development Teams?

Testing Services for Existing Dev Teams

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QAT Global offers testing services for existing development teams, providing a solution to the challenge of achieving flawless software products. We understand that success requires a product that works perfectly, and we aim to help you achieve that dream by taking care of the tedious software testing and quality assurance process.

Our team of top-tier testers brings a fresh perspective to the table, allowing them to uncover defects in functionality that might be overlooked by developers who are closely familiar with the product. Even internal testing teams, who are deeply involved in the development lifecycle or perform multiple roles on the team, can fall into the trap of making assumptions and accepting quirks that end users would not.

By outsourcing your testing to our independent software testers, you not only benefit from a clean and objective approach, but also from testing methodologies that your internal development team may not utilize. This leads to the identification of well-described defects that your developers can use to improve your software, website, or mobile application.

The advantages of using our testing services are numerous. Firstly, you gain better solutions and increased control over the process, resulting in higher productivity for your existing development teams and more successful releases. Additionally, outsourcing the testing process to a specialized service provider is a cost-effective solution, allowing you to save hundreds of thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on building and maintaining a large internal testing team and processes.

QAT Global’s testing practice has been providing testing and verification services to customers using our software development services and independently for years now. The team is here to provide you with testing analysis, design, development, and execution services. Our professional software test engineers have decades of cumulative experience in designing and developing complex application software, test software, and test systems. When QAT Global teams plan a testing project for you, our engineers work hard to integrate with your existing development teams and test teams – becoming part of the project, not just an external testing or software resource.

From multi-tier on-premise applications to cloud-based apps, we create and deliver innovative testing services as an extension of your test team.

Key Services

This engagement model and the agility to adapt and relate our testing strategies to your business goals is what makes us a strong partner.

Revitalize your software systems and empower your enterprise with a foundation for future success with QAT Global as your partner. Let’s embark on a transformation journey together.

QAT Global Insights into

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

QA & Testing Services: Your Questions Answered

QA (Quality Assurance) and testing are crucial components of the software development lifecycle. They help identify and prevent defects, ensure the software meets functional and non-functional requirements, and deliver a high-quality product that meets customer expectations. QA and testing improve reliability, security, performance, and user experience.

QA and testing services offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved software quality: QA and testing help identify and fix defects early in the development process, resulting in higher quality software.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Thorough testing ensures that the software meets user expectations, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Cost and time savings: Early defect detection reduces the cost of fixing issues in later stages of development and helps deliver software on time.
  • Risk mitigation: Testing identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities, allowing them to be addressed before the software is deployed.
  • Compliance and regulatory adherence: QA and testing ensure that the software complies with industry standards, regulations, and data security requirements.

It is recommended to involve a QA team from the early stages of software development. QA professionals can provide valuable insights, validate requirements, contribute to test planning, and ensure quality throughout the development lifecycle. Early involvement helps prevent issues and saves time and effort in later stages.

The effectiveness of QA and testing efforts can be measured through various metrics, such as defect density, test coverage, test execution results, customer feedback, and overall software quality. QA providers often provide detailed reports and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their testing activities.

Benefits of Partnering with QAT Global for Agile Testing Services

  • Synergy between business, development, and QA
  • A proven Agile testing methodology
  • Project governance
  • A collaborative approach

QAT Global provides testing services using our proprietary Agile testing approach based on standard Agile principles and augmented with our expertise. Our services are customized to meet each client’s unique business needs. We utilize proven testing approaches to support the client’s technical environment effectively. QAT Global embraces an approach to quality assurance and testing that includes:

  • Adopting a team approach to identifying and addressing quality issues
  • Reviewing quality throughout all stages of the development process
  • Automating tests early and often

While customizable for every project, our automation testing strategy utilizes best practices based on previous experiences and real-world lessons learned. Each project’s automation testing strategy includes the following components:

  • Strategy development
  • Maintainable test automation framework
  • Specific tools and approaches for each level of testing
  • High-impact automation, including automated unit testing
  • Collaboration with Quality Assurance (QA) team for knowledge share and automated user story testing
  • Tools aligned with the client environment, budget criteria, technologies, and available skill sets

We can also consult or augment your own agile QA teams by scoping, planning, and executing User Stories. Our QA Engineers and testing experts create User Story Acceptance Tests, and then we execute and automate them. When we build User Stories for functional testing, we always keep regression in mind, so you are prepped with a suite of automation scripts.