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Manual Testing Services

Select Manual Testing Services Manual Testing Services
Last Updated: November 17, 20231.8 min readCategories: Software Testing & QA

Getting a User’s Perspective on Defects and Usability with Manual Testing


Manual Testing is the oldest and most stringent form of testing software products. The tester uses all features of the application in the same way an end-user would discover any unexpected behaviors or bugs in the system. The program is less susceptible to machine faults when test cases are executed manually. Manual testing is the most effective method for:

  • User interface testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Testing of error handling
  • Installation and security

Experienced testing professionals are able to quickly detect defect patterns and easily distinguish them from minor deviations. Testing should start when you need to repeatedly run tests to maintain code stability.

Benefits of Manual Testing

  • Detailed analysis
  • Better understanding of the functionality
  • Identification of non- testable requirements and defect recording
  • Better GUI and usability testing + free of machine defects.

Our Approach

Our approach is systematic when manually testing your software to maximize the number of defects found.
Step 1 – First we define a testing strategy, then create a test plan and detailed test cases so no features of the application are missed.
Step 2 – One of our testers plays the role of the end-user to test the software features manually. QA assesses if the software is running correctly, and if not, find what parts are defective.
Step 3 – The difference between the actual and expected results are analyzed, compared, and reported as defects.
Step 4 – From these results, we can offer you advice and direction on how to achieve efficiently running software to answer your business needs.

Offshore Your Manual Testing to Brazil

Our testing team can include resources from our offshore development office in Brazil to provide you with exceptional value and quality. We offer you advice on how to achieve efficiently running software for your business needs. We adhere to the best industry standards for the protection of intellectual property. Our manual testing team offers in-depth documentation and error reporting like automation never could.

QAT Global offers you a perfect balance between manual and automated testing depending on the complexity and volume of the project. Let’s discuss the future of your business. Start the conversation today.

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