Testing Services for Existing Teams

Testing Services for Existing Teams

Last Updated: November 17, 20232.1 min readCategories: Software Testing & QA
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Leveraging an Outside Perspective for Your Software Development Testing

Testing is a critical step in all software development. Testing can also be one of the most tedious steps of software development. A fresh new pair of eyes are almost always necessary after the developer has spent countless numbers of hours developing the software. Despite the redundancy of testing, it is a vital step to ensuring your results being reached with an excellent launch. The QAT Global team is here to provide you with testing analysis, design, development, and execution services.

Our Approach

We develop a clearly articulated plan that determines the scale of the project. This well thought plan helps the team to take into account all the activities related to the testing process.

  • Test Strategy Development
  • Quality Consulting – Our consulting team helps the business improve testing processes & deliver capabilities. The team makes a risk-based, measurable & sustainable improvement roadmap aligning with the client’s business objectives.
  • Quality Planning – We develop a meticulous plan that describes the quality objectives and specifies the Quality Engineering and control activities to be performed on a day-to-day basis.
  • Test Management – We organize and control the processes and artifacts required for efficient and thorough testing. This enables the testing team to plan, execute and assess all testing activities within the overall software testing framework.
  • Test Execution – We identify the defects and document the test case results to track and manage the test progress until all the planned tests are completed.

There are no shortcuts to success. A product must work perfectly, without exception, if it hopes to succeed. But that’s easier said than done. QAT Global helps you realize that goal by taking care of the tedious software testing and quality assurance process for you. Our team of top-tier testers will put your application through a multitude of rigorous, purpose-built test processes, and identify even the most elusive bugs.

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Take the Steps for Success

Ready to get started with testing services? The experts at QAT Global are here to deliver custom testing services for your software projects. Using a outsourced testing services with proper planning and the right people on your team will put you on the path to success. The testing team at QAT Global is experienced in testing all kinds of enterprise applications and SaaS products for clients in a wide variety of industries. Put your next software testing project on the path to success, start the conversation with our development team today.

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