What is Open Source Software?

What is Open Source Software?
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What is Open Source Software?

Open Source: Customizable Building Blocks for Business

Trying to find the perfect software can be difficult. Although having fully customized software is the most ideal, it is also the most costly. One option that gives a good balance between a commercial package and a fully custom solution is open source software that brings with it a lower cost pre-designed framework with the flexibility to edit and customize to fit a business’s specific needs. Open source software is often produced by communities who are able to edit one another’s software to improve it without the limitations of a commercially produced product. It provides businesses with an affordable option and pathway to develop custom solutions at a lower cost with the flexibility and features they require. The Apache Software Foundation develops, stewards, and incubates more than 350 projects and initiatives that cover a wide range of technologies.

The source code for open source software is usually published and accessible to use by anyone who is interested. This is a very different approach compared to most commercial solutions.  This availability of the source code presents a huge benefit for users. The person who accesses the source code is able to change, modify, and update any and all features to develop their own software. Versus buying general commercial solutions, people can customize the software code to fit their exact needs. Since most open source code can be accessed for free, it reduces the development costs drastically. Open source also comes with lower execution, maintenance, and debugging costs because there is often a community who puts out upgrades that they may have found or developed. Being able to share problems and solutions openly about the software encourages innovation and creativity.

If you are looking for a solution to custom software, open source software may be a possible option. At QAT Global, we have found excellent open source platforms that we have researched, studied, and offer as options for custom software.
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Ready to put open source to work for you and take your business to the next level? The experts at QAT Global are here to execute on your vision and deliver cutting-edge software to your users that leverages best practices, open source technologies, and modern engagement models. Using an Agile software development approach with proper planning and the right people on your team will put you on the path to success. The development team at QAT Global is experienced in developing all kinds of enterprise applications and SaaS products using open source technologies and software for clients in a wide variety of industries. Put your next software project on the path to success, start the conversation with our development team today.

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