Improving Customer Service in Growing Businesses

Business Process Management Customer Service

If you have found yourself trying to improve your customer service by preventing important things, such as orders, inquires and special requests from slipping through the cracks as information and accountability flows from person to person within your business, you’re not alone.  As businesses grow, processes become more complicated.  You go from having one or two people handling orders and requests, to having multiple people each doing a piece, making it difficult to monitor the quality and efficiency of the complete process.  So I offer my congratulations!  Your business is maturing, which is very exciting.  Now it’s time to look at taking control of your processes to keep your customers happy.

The formal name for taking control of business processes is Business Process Management. When we think of Business Process Management, the first things that generally come to mind are the reductions in costs and risks, improvements in productivity, increased compliance and enhanced business agility that result from making improvements in your processes. There’s a critical one missing from this list though – improvements in customer service.  Formalizing and automating processes enables business to put an end to lost or misplaced customer orders and requests provide a trackable path of processing through the business so you can let the customer know where their order or request is within the process.  This can also alert staff to any hold-ups in the process, and allows the business to save information about each instance of process in their company database for future analysis and access.  Whether your business processes customer orders for physical goods or you’re in charge of approving requests for the use of assets, implementing Business Process Management can help you improve your customer service.

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