Process-driven change and configuration management delivers several benefits

At QAT Global, we use process-driven change and configuration management to ensure that projects satisfy client requirements and reduce the risks associated with developing new applications in new platforms or maintaining current ones.

Process Driven Change

Process-driven change and configuration management delivers several benefits over other quality assurance methodologies and processes:

  • Ensures changes move through defined workflow process
  • Ensures only approved changes are allowed – minimize risk of production failure
  • Improve processes over time
  • Supports highly flexible and adaptable process model for application development
  • Establish repeatable activities that control the development “chaos”
  • Define and control what is released to production for distribution
  • Efficient Coordination Between Work Groups

Reducing Risk

  • By implementing a repeatable Change and Configuration Management process, the risks associated with developing client/server and Internet/Web applications can be greatly reduced
  • The quality of the software improves while the cost is reduced

Minimizing Risk – Repeatability
Ensures a standardized repeatable process for application development

Application Development Repeatable Process

Benefits for Clients and QAT Global
Using the existing infrastructure and current tools our process-driven change and configuration management helps to:

  • Automate IT change management process
  • Provide a vehicle for repeatable processes that minimize the risk
  • Increase quality of product releases.
  • Reduce risk of product failure
  • Meet Audit directive/requirements (FSA, ISO9002, ITIL, etc.)
  • Ability to track projects and help properly budget for future projects
  • Scales to meet the changing needs of the business.