What You Can Expect from Your Nearshore Team at QAT Global

What You Can Expect from Your Nearshore Team at QAT Global

What You Can Expect from Your Nearshore Team at QAT Global

What You Can Expect from Your Nearshore Team at QAT Global

Gain insights into our collaborative approach, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. From streamlined communication to tailored solutions, discover the benefits of working with our nearshore team for your development needs.

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What You Can Expect from Your Nearshore Team at QAT Global

Today’s software development projects require specialized skills and incredible talent to achieve their goals, and with every project, there are multiple ways to achieve success. If you don’t have the talent in-house, you will want to outsource that work to get the best possible solution. Outsourcing software development to a nearshore team can be an effective way for companies to access specialized and talented performers, increase their flexibility, and have a better return on investment. For businesses considering leveraging nearshoring for their software project, it is important to understand the benefits and challenges associated with this approach and what you can expect from your nearshore team at QAT Global.

At QAT Global, our engagement models are designed to optimize resources, increase development speed, ensure quality, and provide high-value results. Whether you want to incorporate a few development resources into your in-house team, have us manage the development of your product from concept to production to enhancement, or take advantage of a blended onshore-nearshore model, we have the expertise and resources you need to accelerate business growth and deliver world-class solutions.

Every project is unique and requires just the right mix of resources, oversight, and communication for success. QAT Global utilizes an Agile-Scrum method, which overcomes the challenges of working across a distributed environment to deliver high-quality products while accelerating timelines and reducing development costs. We focus on developing innovative solutions that are easy to use and fit your business objectives, project goals, and user needs while keeping a careful eye on maximizing value with minimal development time. Regarding enterprise software development, our solution is to use our Enterprise Development Framework to build highly scalable, fast, and secure enterprise applications that are changing how organizations deliver solutions to their internal and external customers.

Why US companies prefer Nearshore over Offshore development

Nearshoring is a desirable alternative to offshoring because of the geographic proximity of the nearshore destination versus an overseas offshore location and more than four time zones away. When a company chooses to nearshore, its onshore staff can communicate with the nearshore team in real time. Conference calls can be made easily without needing to inconvenience either of the teams. By having an improved communication system, you can clearly share your desired outcomes, resulting in a superior solution. Nearshoring also comes with the additional benefit of easy problem-solving. When an error occurs, it can be handled swiftly, resulting in less downtime.


One of the most significant advantages of nearshoring is the proximity to the onshore location. Closer time zones lead to better and more real-time communication. In addition to this, language and business compatibility are a plus when nearshoring. For instance, English is spoken by the majority of professionals in Brazil and Costa Rica. Easier communication will increase productivity and quality, and less time will be spent waiting to communicate. Another benefit is traveling expenses or lack of them. Travel expenses, wages and other hidden costs will be reduced due to the proximity of your nearshore country and its ease of travel.

Cost savings

Labor wage savings are an added benefit to nearshoring. Many U.S. companies choose to nearshore to Latin American countries because of advantageous exchange rates and their low costs of living. This means that compared to nearshoring to Canada, Central America or South America would be advantageous.

Skilled labor pool

Brazil, for example, has around 250,000 IT professionals, making it an excellent location for locating offshore talent. Brazilian universities have been overwhelmed by applicants, and their student enrollment has more than doubled in just the last 10 years.

Costa Rica is a country dedicated to being technically savvy and having the best engineers and developers in Central America. Costa Rica has a large talent pool of excellent engineers, graduating more than 3,000 annually from their universities.

Costa Rica and Brazil’s investments in education have had a tremendous impact on their development, making them both excellent nearshore locations for your offshoring needs.

Deciding whether to nearshore

Due to rising labor costs in traditional offshore locations like China, India, and Russia, now is a great time to switch to nearshoring. Many factors determine whether a company will nearshore such as:

  • Skilled vs. Unskilled Labor Pool: Although a nearby country may have a large labor force, IT solutions require a large pool of skilled laborers. In order to evaluate whether a nearshore location is worthy, a company must consider how large and skilled the labor force is.
  • Cost Savings: A company must decide whether nearshoring is worth the investment.
  • Similar Time Zones: Business is easier to do when a country has similar time zones.

Sometimes, the skills and talent required to meet market expectations are not available locally and outsourcing to the right nearshore team can increase the talent pool.

Why outsource to a nearshore team, and what to look for in a nearshore partner

When it comes to nearshoring, many companies have to decide whether to build their own nearshore development team or to outsource to an already established team in the nearshore location. Building your own team is a complex task involving legal, tax, infrastructure and logistic complexities. In most cases, working with an outsourcing partner proves to be the most beneficial. For all companies, whether a start-up or an established firm, picking the right nearshore partner is crucial and can result in strong benefits in terms of risk mitigation, speed, and quality. Here are some qualities you should look for in your nearshore partner:

  • A Qualified and Innovative Staff
  • Low Turnover Rate
  • English Speaking Leads
  • Compatible Time Zone
  • Vendor Reliability and Stability
  • Competitive Service Rates
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • A Successful Project Track Record
  • Experience In Your Desired Technology

Why Nearshoring with QAT Global

The QAT Global Tradition

  • Creating productivity and code automation tools for developers to accomplish more in less time.
  • Providing your project budgetary savings.
  • Identifying issues quickly and diagnosing when the traditional approach does not apply to the issues.
  • Having the flexibility and availability to search for new solutions.

All QAT Global projects are guided by a US-based delivery manager or architect, so our clients always have an English-speaking primary contact. The QAT Brazil Development Center in Uberaba, MG, and the Costa Rica Development Center in San Antonio de Belén, both provide a significant ROI that has been well received by customers who have opted to take advantage of their technical resources. QAT Brazil and QAT Costa Rica bring a committed focus to the critical success factors and risk reduction methods in our software development approach.

At QAT Global, our commitment to quality means two things. First, we are committed to delivering quality solutions, meeting expectations, and satisfying clients. Second, we are committed to continuously improving the processes by which we provide our solutions so that our work repeatedly hits the mark each time.

  • Through training and governance, QAT Global provides consistent, quality results both from our U.S., Brazil, and Costa Rica development centers.
  • Dedicated resources are accountable for timely delivery and long-term success.
  • Proven system for onboarding client teams to provide rapid implementation and ongoing support of new technologies.
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