Eliminating Distance Challenges with Technology-Based Communication

Eliminating Distance Challenges with Technology-Based Communication

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Eliminating Distance Challenges with Technology-Based Communication

New Forms of Communication Leading to Improved Results

Communication is a vital part of any business. There needs to be multiple channels for employees to communicate with one another. With the rapid advancement of technology and the Internet, office communication has evolved. Previously, employees would use face-to-face interaction as their primary and only channel of communication. The invention of email was ground-breaking at the time because it opened a whole new world of communication that allowed people to send a message over the Internet to one or multiple people. To this day, both forms are still used.  Many workers still enjoy their daily stroll across the office to stretch, catch up with fellow coworkers, and take a little break after all of their hard work. A problem with communication arises when businesses begin to grow and expand to other areas. How will a company communicate across the country? How do you gain the same relational aspect of being face-to-face with a person while also accomplishing the task with efficiency and excellence? One way is through implementing technology-based communication.

Technology-Based Communication Creates Opportunities

Technology-based communication has added a whole new dimension to normal office life. As opposed to walking across the office to ask a question or deliver an important document, these tasks can be accomplished over the computer from the comfort of your own office space. Technology-based communication provides a variety of advantages where traditional communication may lack.

  • Easier accessibility
  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Real-time communication
  • Functionality

At QAT Global, we pride ourselves in maintaining seamless communication internally and with clients. With employees located all across the country and at an offshore development site in Uberaba, MG, Brazil, technology-based communication has become an integral part of our every day process. Three technology-based communication resources that have helped QAT Global employees to communicate seamlessly cross country and also offshore are Voice over IP (VoIP) services, screen sharing, and file sharing.

Voice Over IP Services

Voice over IP services now allow employees to communicate across the office, country, or continents with the click of a button. Simply download one of the many different VoIP services and you will be able to call, video call, or instantly send a message. The days of waiting a whole day to talk about an issue with another employee or waiting for an email response are gradually fading away with the access to fellow employees being so quick and easy. VoIP services have been extremely important to the success of QAT Global. With the wide number of projects and specialists, it can be difficult to get an entire team together at one location. VoIP allows for teams to hold meetings over voice call and accomplish the same tasks they would with a face-to-face meeting. It saves significant time and money which will in turn benefit the customer with better service.

Examples include: Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Voice, UberConference

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is another tool that QAT Global employees use to communicate. Screen sharing allows for an employee to see exactly what the other person is doing on their desktop and even take it over for live help. With screen sharing, employees can communicate in real-time without having to leave their office space. Screen sharing is a great way for employees to help problem-solve with one another over a live video feed, provide instant help, or on-demand training.

Examples include: JoinMe, Skype, Google Hangouts, UberConference

File Sharing

File sharing is a helpful resource that bypasses the restrictions an email attachment might have. Through various file-sharing programs, employees can easily share files no matter their location. Simply drag and drop into a common file sharing program and receive immediate results. A person working from home can now send or receive all of the necessary files to complete a project. File sharing also helps reduce paper waste. Instead of printing, simply share it and all parties can edit the document.

QAT Global has found great success because of technology-based communication. It is a simple solution to the difficult challenge of communicating with people literally scattered across the world. This also provides our customers multiple outlets to communicate with us. Our customers are able to communicate with the project team seamlessly which helps both sides complete all tasks on time and produce quality products.

Examples include: Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive

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