QAT Global IT Staffing Services and Customized Recruitment

QAT Global IT Staffing Services and Customized Recruitment

QAT Global IT Staffing Services and Customized Recruitment

QAT Global IT Staffing Services and Customized Recruitment
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QAT Global IT Staffing Services and Customized Recruitment

In the business of IT, hiring a large staff of full-time employees is less and less common. Instead, many companies look to supplement their core IT staff with temporary IT consultants brought in on a contractual basis through an IT Staffing company. This is beneficial for many businesses for several reasons. First, contracted IT consultants can be brought in to assist with specific projects that have known end dates. The most common ranges of these contracts are anywhere from six months up to three years. Second, many companies prefer hiring contracted IT professionals because it provides them with an easy way to add or subtract more resources based on the amount and size of the projects they are working on. The flexibility contracted IT consultants offer businesses is extremely valuable. Finally, when specific expertise is required for a particular project, working with an IT staffing service is essential in order for companies to find the most qualified IT professionals with the needed skillset who are interested in working on a contractual basis.

Why Our Clients Choose QAT Global

We understand that our client’s time is very valuable. Always mindful of this, our recruiting process maximizes everyone’s time. We have been providing our professional IT staffing services since 1995; over the years we have developed quality relationships with our clients and know the standard of IT professionals they are seeking to hire. Our clients know that QAT Global only sends them candidates they should be talking too; professionals that exceed the benchmarks, have the correct skillset and fit our client’s culture. One key difference in our staffing solutions at QAT Global as compared to other staffing services is that we customize our approach to each client. We take time to discover their culture and needs so we can deliver excellent candidates in a timely manner. We understand that in IT especially, the right resource with the right skill set is needed to make a project successful.

What’s Special about the QAT Global Approach?

Experienced Recruiting

At the front end of our staffing services at QAT Global is our lead recruiter, Brent Hodgen. Brent has twenty years of experience in IT recruiting. With his experience and the relationships he has built with our clients, Brent has developed a great understanding of what hiring managers are specifically looking for in candidates. As he recognizes the need for top-level consultants for many companies today, Brent believes, “You go with consultants because they shoot straighter and useless bullets.” He understands his job as a recruiter is to make the hiring process easier for our clients and to be efficient with his search.  With a large pool of experienced and highly qualified talent to draw from, Brent is able to recruit the highest level of IT professionals as needed. As long as we have good communication and a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, Brent can find the best-qualified candidate available.

Quick Turnaround Time

One of the key components that make our staffing services great value for our clients is our fast turnaround time and, according to Brent, “We’re disciplined in the business acumen of what our clients want.” We always bring our clients IT professionals with the domain and industry knowledge needed for each specific position desired as well as someone with a great skillset consisting of at least eight or nine different skills and various tool proficiencies that are wanted and needed. Our best candidates have a lot to offer with their exceptional skill sets and abilities.

Technical Staff Involvement

Typically within a few days, Brent has chosen the most qualified candidates he can find and puts them in front of our technical team who then use their more in-depth technical and industry knowledge to determine if a candidate is indeed the best fit possible for our clients. Our technical team is very familiar with our clients and knows the level of skills and industry knowledge they need out of a candidate as well as having a good understanding of their specific culture and how our potential candidates will fit in.

Unlike many other staffing services providing IT recruiting, we don’t just push out candidates after skimming over a resume; we find the most qualified candidate who will mesh well with our clients. Our clients consider our IT staffing services an excellent value for their company because we not only deliver them the quality candidates they need and are searching for, but we also provide timely turnaround times from notice of the need to delivering candidates.

Flexible Communication

At QAT Global, we respect our clients and the professionals we seek out as prospective candidates. We understand that many IT professional candidates have had a poor experience with a staffing service at some point in their career, unfortunately. Our recruiting staff works hard to deliver an exceptional experience to everyone involved in the process and is respectful of everyone’s time. We know our clients are looking for top-level resources in a timely manner and recognize our recruits’ need for efficient communication during their job search. Flexibility is a crucial component of our search. Brent does whatever he can to make sure communication is open between clients and candidates. He clears up time in mornings, lunches, and evenings so he may be available to speak with candidates. In addition, he also takes the time to send email updates to each candidate on their progress in the hiring process with our clients.

At QAT Global we understand the frustrations from poor communication with staffing services who may not update candidates for weeks until they tell them if they will be hired or not, or if they even reach out at all to candidates who will not be hired. We take pride in the candidates we provide our clients here at QAT Global, and we also take pride in our communication with clients and candidates, providing courtesy to all IT professionals under consideration for each position our clients seek to fill.

What’s Next?

If you are considering utilizing contractual staff to meet your IT needs, we invited you to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can make the staffing experience enjoyable for you as well. We offer a unique, professional, and successful approach throughout our recruitment process, one that is beneficial to our clients and the candidates we seek to find.

Let’s get started talking today. Use our contact information below to get in touch with our staffing services and don’t forget to share this article and our information with your colleagues, friends, and network.

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