What is Agile? Software Development for Change

What is Agile? Software Development for Change

What is Agile? Software Development for Change

What is Agile? Software Development for Change
Last Updated: February 20, 20241.7 min readCategories: Agile
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What is Agile?

When hearing the word agile, many think of swift, smooth animals like cheetahs. They are able to move quickly while making it look completely effortless. They are able to adjust their speed and quickness when they are stalking their prey, and when the time is right they have the explosive power to chase down any animal. Software development using Agile methods will provide similar benefits like flexibility, efficiency, and high-quality results. Agile is a group of formal project management methodologies. Each has their own benefits and pitfalls, but they are all meant to guide projects through innovative development steps until completion. Here at QAT Global, we’ve refined our Agile/Scrum methodology into a practice known as Agility RPM℠ that has proven best suited to software development.


When working with a client, we want to provide the best resources we have available. We provide a team of experts with years of experience and knowledge to partner with the client’s team. Planning meetings involve developing requirements, overall goals, and the framework for the design. The team will then break down the project into smaller pieces that will each be accomplished over an agreed-upon sprint length.


The team will work on each distinct part throughout sprints. Using sprints ensures that the entire team follows the same roadmap. The approach lends itself to better communication, accountability, and transparency. The teams will hold daily Scrum meetings where they discuss their progress, commit to future work, and brainstorm solutions to possible roadblocks they experience.


We implement and test the product throughout the process to ensure that the best quality product is produced with the least amount of bugs when the software is complete. By testing throughout each sprint, we are able to catch smaller issues faster than if we developed the entire software before testing.

QAT Global has been able to overcome the challenges of working in a distributed environment because of Agile. The repeatable process allows us to consistently deliver high-quality products while accelerating timelines and reducing development costs.

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