How to Stay Current on UX Design – 16 Websites

How to Stay Current on UX Design – 16 Websites

How to Stay Current on UX Design – 16 Websites

How to Stay Current on UX Design – 16 Websites
Last Updated: November 17, 20234.4 min readCategories: UX & UI
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How to Stay Current on UX Design – 16 Websites You Need See


Where dedicated user experience designers go to for UX design news, tips, and inspiration for their projects

Interested in improving your skills in one of the most in-demand jobs in the creative/development industry? As UX designer, or user experience designer, you are responsible for creating the feel of websites. As web and mobile continue to grow, a UX designer’s role has become more and more vital to a business or organization’s success. The designer is responsible for developing the content layout, controls, and visual design of websites. The work relies on studying user habits and trends when it comes to how they navigate web pages. Where can you go to learn more about user habits and UX design trends? We’ve compiled a list of sixteen websites UX designers go to for industry updates and tips.

  1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine
This website was built with a professional web designer in mind. Smashing Magazine holds a massive database of design articles, blogs, and books. They have specific topics users can search like, coding, design, mobile, graphics, and much more. UX designers also come here to find creative tips on how to optimize their website layout and design.

  1. Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Made for any level designer, Responsive Web Design is a place to get the creative juices flowing. UX designers can come here to utilize resources to learn more about how to build a responsive design. They can also explore tips on how to improve their designs and look at templates for their own inspiration. Responsive Web Design also has a stream of recent design themed news/updates and a podcast series.

  1. Designer News

Designer News

It’s like Twitter, but just for designers. Designer News is home to a massive community of people interested in web design and technology. Users can add “designer-friendly content” to the website, and the community votes on which pieces they like best. The more votes a piece of content gets, the more exposure it gets by the community. They also have a wide range of topics, known as badges, so users can find what they’re looking for faster.

  1. Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design. They have a large list of design related articles on a wide range of industry topics. These topics include graphic design, interaction design, and information architecture. UX designers come here to hear expert opinions on relevant trends in the industry and so should you.

  1. Design Excellent (DEX)


This user experience design blog has it all. Design Excellent is an easy-to-navigate blog that breaks up its content into three categories. The first is UX Guides; these are how-to blog posts that detail steps in certain areas of design. The next category is Tips; where users can read up on strategies to enhance their design platforms. Finally, their last category is called free resources. Here users can learn new areas of design and find new templates for future builds.
More great resources:

  1. Creative Bloq –
    Provides art and UX design inspiration covers the latest trends, reviews new tools, and provides tips and advice.
  2. Nielsen Normal Group –
    A great resource of UX research and quick to read articles on hot topics.
  3. Usability Geek –
    Covering usability, UX, testing, conversion, and more, you’ll find a great diversity of articles from guest authors.
  4. UX Blog –
    Offering both articles and a podcast on the issues facing UX designers today.
  5. UX Booth –
    A great resource filled with research-based articles and interviews from a variety of authors on topics such as information architecture, interaction design, research, visual design, and more.
  6. UX Magazine –
    Stay up to date on topics like accessibility, data visualization, personas, storytelling, and more.
  7. UX Movement –
    A great source of inspiration that delivers articles on individual elements in UX design.
  8. UX Myths –
    Explores popular UX myths and explains the truth using research findings and other articles.
  9. UX Planet –
    A great resource for new UX designers. Explore articles on design issues and user research topics.
  10. cc –
    Delivers in-depth articles on a wide variety of topics in the user experience, product design, and user research areas.

A list of the best UX websites for people who are responsible for ensuring a great user experience for users, what could be better? Keeping current with user and consumer trends helps UX designers reach their goals and delight users. We hope this list will help designers at every level of experiencer stay on top of the hot topics and the latest research in the industry.

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