Top UX Design Conferences in 2022

Top UX Design Conferences in 2022

Last Updated: February 20, 20243.1 min readCategories: UX & UI

Top 10 User Experience (UX) Design Conferences in 2022

UX design is a booming field, with new and innovative ways of designing interfaces being created constantly. User experience design conferences provide an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas with fellow professionals. So, if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, consider attending one of these user experience design conferences this year.

Here are some of the top UX design conferences coming up this year to get you started:

QRCA 2022 Annual Conference

Virtual Summit, Online

QRCA is offering two different experiences for their 2022 annual conference. The virtual summit and conference in San Diego will be unique experiences with individualized content, featured speakers, and opportunities to connect. QRCA encourages attendance at both event experiences for guests to gain the skills and inspiration to take their research to the next level.

UX360 Research Summit


This two-day event plans to bring together over 25 top-level speakers to showcase the latest UX and design research. Addressing everything from planning and conducting to analysis and implementing UX insights, this event promises to leave guests inspired.

SXSW Conference

Austin, Texas

The SXSW Conference grants the global community of digital creatives the opportunity to discover new interests, encounter cutting-edge ideas, and network with other professionals who share similar desires for forward-focused experiences. Networking, brainstorming, learning, and career-enhancing connections will all be made during this 10-day event.

Design Research 2022 – UX Australia

In-Person Element Announced in early 2022 & Online

Design Research 2022 takes a deep dive into all things related to research for design work. Considering all aspects of research, from initial assessment to planning, conducting, analyzing, and using, the event is ideal for design researchers, product owners, designers, and consultants.


New York, New York & Online

Spend three days learning from leading speakers worldwide, exploring the latest case studies, tools, and techniques. A must-attend event that offers in-person and online access.

UXistanbul – 8th International


This 12-day event plans to cover all things UX and is sure to please any designer. AI and ethics, human centricity, human-computer interaction, people and the planet, user experience, design research, and accessibility are just a few topics planned to be covered at this international conference.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

From UX to accessibility, structure to content ops, Confab brings content strategy to life like no other event. Expert leaders provide attendees with the skill sets they need to level up their practice. Keynote speakers include Brain Traffic, Do Better Content Consulting, Adobe, and other industry leaders. The experience is sure to leave attendees rejuvenated and motivated.



Leaders will be sharing their experiences, insights, and challenges they encountered along the way in this three-day must-attend event. Previous years’ speakers included Reddit, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Spotify, and more. The conference aims to bridge the gap between products, UX, design, and dev to build better products faster.

DesignOps Global Conference


The theme for DesignOps 2022 Global Conference is ‘Design for the Circular Economy.’ The conference aims to educate on designing products, services, and systems that have zero impact on the planet, ecosystems, and societies. DesignOps is unleashing new processes and practices to pursue creative solutions to address global challenges.

CPO Summit

San Francisco, California

The CPO Summit in California is the largest gathering of Chief Product Officers. The CPO Summit will bring together senior product leaders from the world’s largest companies and most impressive startups in San Francisco. Leaders will share best practices in developing and producing the best possible experiences for customers while driving value for the organization.

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