Top 6 Must-Attend Technology Conferences

Top 6 Must-Attend Technology Conferences

Last Updated: February 20, 20242.7 min readCategories: Business & IT Leadership, IT Trends
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Top 6 Must-Attend Technology Conferences

Attention all technology lovers! Are you constantly researching what emerging technology is making its way to the public? Are you typically the first to try the newest software applications or gadgets? Emerging technology is continuously changing the way we operate in our everyday lives, and there are conferences held to honor these advancements.

This list has it all—from the most captivating gadgets and devices to the most innovative software applications and programs. These technology conferences are for those who can’t get enough tech and are prepared to shake up whatever industry they’re in with it.

Check out our list of the top 6 must-attend technology conferences:

1. CES (Consumer Electronics Show)
Twitter: @CES 
Month: January
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada & Digital

CES 2022 in Las Vegas will bring the tech industry back together to experience the next generation of innovation. The latest in automotive tech, digital health, food tech, NFTs, gaming, smart home, and more will be showcased by more than 1600 companies across the globe. This conference will have it all!

Twitter: @IPCassociation
Month: January
Location: San Diego, California

The conference promises to deliver the highest quality insights and content covering the latest research results, trends of interest, and new techniques in the industry. The EXPO plans to address the most significant issues facing the global electronics industry, including boosting your competitiveness in the market, minimizing supply chain disruptions, and more!

3. RSA Conference
Twitter: @RSAConference
Month: February
Location: San Francisco, California & Digital

The RSA conference will bring the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals together in person and virtually. The conference provides insights, conversations, and professional solutions to impact organizations and careers significantly! RSAC 2022 will bring together innovative thinkers and industry leaders worldwide, transforming how people protect the world from cyber threats.

4. Running Remote
Twitter: @RunningRemote
Month: May
Location: Montreal, California & Digital 

Running Remote is the world’s largest remote work conference. Helping businesses through their remote work challenges, Running Remote is dedicated to offering knowledge, connections, and solutions to build and manage remote and hybrid teams. Industry leaders speak on their understanding of how to excel these teams within your business.

5. TechCrunch Disrupt
Twitter: @TechCrunch
Month: October
Location: San Francisco, California

TechCrunch Disrupt is a no-miss event for skilled investors, entrepreneurs, hackers, and tech enthusiasts. At Disrupt, you hear from people who are not only setting the rules but changing the game. Experience the Startup Battlefield competition, Startup Alley, Hardware Alley, networking and connections, and more!

6. Gartner’s IT Symposium/Xpo
Twitter: @Gartner_Events
Month: October
Location: Orlando, Florida

Designed for CIOs and Senior IT Executives seeking to learn and collaborate from solution providers, peers, and the world’s top CIOs. Become a stronger leader, positively impacting your business by effectively implementing current IT and business strategies.

We hope you enjoyed this list and signed up for one of these incredible conferences. Get out there and continue to stay on top of everything that is happening in the world of emerging technology.

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