Top 10 Secrets to Agile Offshoring Success

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Top 10 Secrets to Agile Offshoring Success

Thinking about getting started with an Agile offshoring project? Here are 10 tips to make Agile offshoring success

  1. Make sure there is a cultural fit between onshore and offshore teams to facilitate teamwork and communication
  2. Minimize time zone differences between client and offshore team to support communication
  3. Define clear business requirements, aims, and objectives so everyone understands the desired functionality and timeline(s)
  4. Identify clear point(s) of contact for the client and offshore team so there is always a go to personal for removing obstacles and answering questions in a timely fashion so the team can keep on schedule
  5. Bring some offshore team members on site at project kickoff so they can develop a better understand of your project and build relationships with key staff on site
  6. Build in daily communication between the team and on site contacts to support transparency and issue resolution
  7. Plan out your acceptance process and definition of “complete” to ensure everyone is operating under the same expectations
  8. Have a continuity and succession plan so the project is successfully transitioned to the client
  9. Use time and materials contracts, not fixed price to allow for evolving business demands
  10. Consider a hybrid onshore-offshore model where outsourced teams are composed of members on site (or onshore) and offshore

Have questions about Agile offshoring or interested in getting started with a project?  Let’s talk!

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