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Must Watch Ted Talks On Leadership

Elevate your leadership skills with our curated list of 'Must-Watch TED Talks on Leadership.' Delve into insightful talks that offer valuable perspectives, strategies, and inspiration for effective leadership.

Delivery Manager’s Role in an Agile Project

Uncover the pivotal role of a Delivery Manager in Agile projects and explore the responsibilities, strategies, and best practices that define the success of an agile project. From fostering collaboration to ensuring project efficiency, this article provides a comprehensive understanding of the crucial contributions a Delivery Manager makes to steer Agile projects towards successful outcomes.

How to Build Trust with Your Nearshore Team

Trust is an essential component of any successful team. Without trust, teams encounter substantial communication, productivity, and collaboration challenges. And while trust is crucial for any organization, building trust is even more critical for companies partnering with nearshore teams.

How to Ensure Your Developers are Best Utilized

Explore strategies and best practices to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and align developers with organizational goals. From efficient task allocation to nurturing a positive work environment, this article provides insights to ensure your development team operates at its best capacity, driving successful project outcomes.

Leadership Lessons for an Agile World

Explore the transformative impact of efficient and agile work processes, and how agile methodology can be a game-changer for organizations seeking a competitive edge. Dive into the challenges of transitioning to agile and discover leadership lessons that pave the way for success, including fostering a culture of shared risk-taking and success, understanding the Agile Manifesto, and developing agile leadership skills for better business outcomes.