Solving the Offshore Challenge

While delivering top industry value

Solving Offshore Challenge

Offshoring is a popular choice for companies looking to reduce development costs for IT projects. Historically, projects have been outsourced to India and China due to their low service rates.  If all services were created equal then the service rate would be a perfect measure of value.  However, all services are definitely not created equal and this is why it is so challenging to choose the right partner.

At QAT Global, we understand that clients want higher quality and at least the same convenience of a local development team at an offshore cost and we have solved this challenge with our Best Shore solution. While QAT Global has development centers both onshore in Nebraska and offshore in Brazil and Costa Rica, we have found that successful teams are comprised of team members from the onshore and an offshore office, as well as the client.  Omaha provides leadership and enterprise architecture support from the same leaders that develop our standards and deliver the training to our offshore teams.  The client is also a critical part of every team.  They own the product, set the direction, and prioritize.  They are engaged with the development team on a daily basis and this is a critical success factor.

Specifically, QAT Global delivers top industry value with our Best Shore services through four key factors:

  1. Exceptional Architecture and Standards – We take great pride in our layered enterprise architecture and our development standards.  We work hard to ensure that we stay ahead of the industry with innovative ideas that take full advantage of the current technology.  We challenge ourselves constantly to improve the standards, always trying to simplify the development process, increase the flexibility of our solutions, and lower the maintenance cost.
  2. Training with Discipline – Recognizing the critical importance of a well-trained development team, we have developed a full curriculum of developer training that teaches them the architecture, development standards, tools, and process.  As we add teams, even the most experienced developers are passed through this training to ensure that everyone is following the same roadmap.  We also adapt our training to fit the client’s architecture and standards as needed.
  3. Repeatable Process Methodology – Our repeatable process Scrum methodology, Agility RPM? defines a distinct and proven roadmap for software development.  We keep it as simple as possible and avoid unnecessary steps, but we follow it with great discipline.  We automate the process with online technology that allows all team members and stakeholders to report and/or monitor the progress of each iteration (sprint) as well as future planning.
  4. Top Industry Value – Value is defined in terms of quality results, time to market, and total cost.  Although a low service rate certainly helps, it does very little for value if quality and time-to-market are poor.  QAT Global Best Shore combines competitive rates with exceptional results to provide top of the industry value.  This value is derived from excellent leadership and well-trained teams all using a standard approach to software development (Agility RPM?) and a cultural dedication to quality results on time.

We invite you to contact us for more information about how outsourcing your project to QAT Global will provide you with an exceptional offshoring experience.