Software Developers: 6 Statistics You Need to Know

Software Developers: 6 Statistics You Need to Know

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Software Developers: 6 Statistics You Need to Know Now

A peak inside the profession

The 10 hottest developer jobs of 2017

1. Ruby developers

2. Mobile app developers

3. Information security software developers

4. IoT developers

5. JavaScript developers

6. Cloud developers

7. Full stack developers

8. Machine learning developers

9. DevOps engineers

10. UX/UI developers

Source: Techrepublic

Software Developers, Applications & Systems Software Gender Composition, 2015


934,115 Male Workforce (79.70%)

Most Common Race or Ethnicity of Software Developers, Applications & Systems Software

Black or African American

White – 60.30%

Asian – 31.70%

Black or African American – 4.30%

Other – 3.7%

Most pressing long-running challenges facing software developers worldwide, as of 2015

Staying current with new languages, frameworks, and tools

Striving to develop high-quality, high-performance, and secure code

Overall work/life balance

Overly demanding clients that do not appreciate the complexity

Finding work that utilizes the skills developed

Difficulty in communicating with team members and stakeholders

Immature tools and platforms that make work harder

20 Most Popular Types of Programming & Development Tools for Software Development

  1. Code text editors
  2. IDEs
  3. SQL databases
  4. Debuggers
  5. Testing tools
  6. Bug-tracking software
  7. UI design and prototyping tools
  8. Project management tools
  9. Code analysis tools
  10. Performance profiling tools
  1. DB modeling and design tools
  2. App servers and middleware
  3. Requirements management tools
  4. System and object-modeling tools
  5. Cross-platform mobile AD tools
  6. Load and stress testing tools
  7. Release management tools
  8. Commercial software components
  9. Business rules engines
  10. NoSQL databases

Source: Statista

8 Leading Reasons for Software Project Failure According to Developers Worldwide, As Of 2015

Changing or poorly documented requirements

Underfunding or under-resourcing

Poor team or organizational management

Insufficient time allocated to testing

Missed delivery timeline expectations

Time constraints and pre-mature software release

Developer churn and loss of key talent/employee

Immature dev tools and application platforms

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