Software Developers: 2022 Statistics You Need to Know

Explore key insights on salaries, job satisfaction, programming languages, and emerging trends. Stay informed about the evolving landscape of software development to make strategic decisions for your career or hiring needs.

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Software Developers: 6 Statistics You Need to Know Now

A peak inside the profession

The 10 hottest developer jobs of 2022

1. Information Security Engineer

2. Full Stack Engineer

3. Data Scientist

4. Machine Learning Engineer

5. Java Developer

6. Data Engineer

7. Cloud Engineer

8. Back-end Engineer

9. Salesforce Engineer

10. Automation Engineer

Source: Techrepublic

Software Developers, Applications & Systems Software Gender Composition, 2022


20.7% of software developers are women and 79.3% of software developers are men.

Most Common Race or Ethnicity of Software Developers, Applications & Systems Software

Black or African American

White – 56.3%

Asian – 28.9%

Latino – 7%

Black or African American – 5%

Other- 2.8%

Software Developers By Age

Source: Truelist


18-24 years


25-34 years


35-44 years


45+ years

Most pressing long-running challenges facing software developers worldwide, as of 2022

Rising expectations to suit a variety of consumer demands

Rework, changes, unplanned work, or unplanned problems

Staying current with new languages, frameworks, and tools

Striving to develop high-quality, high-performance, and secure code

Overly demanding clients that do not appreciate the complexity

Difficulty in communicating with team members and stakeholders

Finding work that utilizes the skills developed

Infrastructure/Resources are limited within an organization

20 Popular Types of Programming & Development Tools for Software Development

  1. SQL – For Database Interaction
  2. Python – For Coding and Programming
  3. IDEs
  4. SQL databases
  5. GIT – Version Control & Code Repository
  6. Testing tools
  7. Code text editors
  8. UI design and prototyping tools
  9. Project management tools
  10. Code analysis tools
  1. DB modeling and design tools
  2. App servers and middleware
  3. Requirements management tools
  4. System and object-modeling tools
  5. Cross-platform mobile AD tools
  6. Load and stress testing tools
  7. Release management tools
  8. Commercial software components
  9. Business rules engines
  10. NoSQL databases

Source: Statista

8 Leading Reasons for Software Project Failure According to Developers Worldwide, As Of 2022

of projects fail because project management is undervalued

of projects fail as a result of lacking time

Developer churn and loss of key talent/employee

Immature dev tools and application platforms

Inability to
reach consensus on priorities

starting with the end customer

Failure to
employ a robust testing strategy

Unclear minimum
viable product (MVP) requirements

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