CA Gen Legacy Application Modernization

CA Gen Legacy App
Modernizing a CA Gen legacy application isn’t a project that just any IT consulting company is capable of taking on. CA Gen clients come to QAT Global to have their CA Gen legacy applications modernized because of our long-standing, rich history in the CA Gen product combined with our expertise in modern technologies that have resulted in the delivery of numerous successful CA Gen modernization projects.
So what exactly makes us the first choice for clients?

  • Knowledge: A deep understanding of Gen and web technologies, such as .Net, Java, JavaScript, AJAX,   XML, HTML, DHTML, and CSS gives QAT the knowledge to help our clients excel with their CA Gen modernization projects.
  • MethodologyEffective leveraging of our proprietary and proven methodology to parse a CA Gen legacy application and map the right modernization technology with each part of the application for the fastest and most effective modernization possible.
  • Automation: Leveraging our unmatched set of automation tools streamlines the modernization and effectively matches the cost of each element with the business benefits they provide.
  • CommitmentContinuous improvement initiatives with an obsession to align with customer objectives.

We are the leading CA Gen related service provider in the United States. This includes support of migration services for CA Gen legacy applications whose intentions are to move to that of a web-based solution. QAT Global, categorized and defined as a Midwest-based small business, has been the selected sole and prime partner in the migration of the CA Gen web systems for several enterprise applications. Clients can depend on QAT Global to bring forth the most qualified project team and overall solution to meet their requirements. Our technology-based solutions are geared towards meeting head-on the business challenges faced by diverse and challenging user communities. The long-term commitment to supporting user needs centric to CA Gen is guided by a management team respected throughout the CA Gen community. CA Gen legacy modernization projects are supported by the top Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Architect in the US. Among his support team are this country’s best CA Gen web technicians.

CA Gen Modernization

QAT Global provides solutions to organizations experiencing growth to operate, maintain and manage widely dispersed assets including extending the value of their legacy systems.  We transform new and existing technologies into strategic corporate assets through:

  • Legacy Modernization
  • Web Solutions
  • IT Strategy and Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Application Development and Support
  • Staff Augmentation

Our sponsored methodologies and processes ensure seamless, predictable delivery with reduced development costs for an extensive list of commercial and government enterprises. Our situational experts, including application architects, technical leads, mentors, project management, analysts, and developers, can rapidly inject technical and best-practices guidance from initial planning and requirements gathering to delivery into the production environment. In addition, a list of productivity tools and business components from QAT Global are typically leveraged within the effort to greatly improve the delivery speed and quality of the project. These components and the services around them are known within the CA Gen migration community as QAT Genisis.