Leveraging a Trusted Long-Term Technology Partner

Leveraging a Trusted Long-Term Technology Partner

Last Updated: March 27, 20244.1 min readCategories: Business & IT Leadership
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How Leveraging a Trusted Long-Term Technology Partner Can Help You Beat the Competition

Having the right trusted long-term technology partner can give IT decision-makers the competitive edge they need to maximize their budget, stay innovative, and deliver strong ROI. Even more so, maintaining a relationship long term can mature into an invaluable asset bringing with it the benefits of trust, shared business knowledge, flexibility, reliability, and competitive advantage.

At QAT Global, we take great pride in building lasting relationships with our clients by applying our core values to each project. Below are 6 of the most significant advantages of leveraging a long-term technology partner and thoughts from our dedicated team themselves.

1.     Constant Innovation

Investing in a reliable long-term tech partner can help your enterprise unlock its potential for growth. A devoted partner can help identify actionable high-value opportunities, address critical challenges within your business, as well as leverage emerging technologies effectively so you can stay innovative and keep a competitive edge. None the less, having a constant stream of innovative software products and technology solutions will significantly enhance productivity, improve user satisfaction, and deliver a strong ROI.

2.     Flexible Rates and Resources

Leveraging a long-term technology partner, like QAT Global, that offers multiple engagement options gives you the needed staffing flexibility to take on projects lasting from several months to many years. Staff augmentation delivers competitively priced IT resources to meet the unique requirements of discrete projects for clients. Dedicated teams allow clients to optimize resource utilization and meet deadlines by moving resources between their projects. In addition, higher-priced resources, such as a Senior Architect, can also be allocated to multiple dedicated client teams on a percentage basis, reducing the overall per project expense compared to a dedicated full-time resource on each project.

An ideal technology partner also assumes the burden of the recruiting process, the overhead associated with employee benefits and payroll taxes, and manages the transitioning of staff off of projects when they are complete. This strategy helps your enterprise control costs while maximizing profitability and efficiency, as opposed to your company directly hiring full-time staff.

3.     Reliable, On-Time, and on Budget

A critical capability required to stay ahead of the competition is being able to reliably get projects into production on time, on budget, and with a high level of quality. It should be your technology partner’s goal to provide reliable software development or staffing services to help you achieve this.

Solutions Architect, Francisco Garcia, states that “in order to stay ahead of the competition, we need to push out the systems that run our client’s business processes quickly so that the benefits offered reach their customer base before their competitors.” Using an Agile-Scrum project development methodology and investing in staff training and development are essential factors in doing this. At QAT Global, we’ve designed our service offerings to enable this capability.

4.     Strategic Alliances

A technology partnership typically comes with the benefits of acquiring strong strategic alliances. At QAT Global, for example, we have strong relationships with a variety of proven and successful technology vendors, complementary service providers, and contract staff with specialized experience. This enables us to work with clients to determine the most appropriate technology service that will best meet their business needs and requirements.

5.     Developing Quality Software

Building remarkable products requires expert technical skills, disciplined execution, a shared responsibility mindset, and thorough knowledge of what the client’s business goals and objectives are. By focusing on those factors that are important to clients, a reliable development partner will build quality enterprise software applications that provide excellent user experience, rapid time to market, and a way to stay a step ahead of the competition.

6. Subject Matter Expert (SME)

The longer you are with the same technology partner, the more their team becomes powerful subject matter experts on your business goals, objectives, and strategies. This enables risk factor minimization, Improved consistency, increased innovation, and rapid design and development of the best solutions for your organization and your customers.

One of QAT Global’s Delivery Managers, Lauren Holden, touched on the relationship we have with one of our customers and how we’ve worked on multiple projects for them for over ten years. “We have some of our best people are working on the products, and they have a better understanding of the product since they are so familiar with the company. The client also becomes a top priority because we have worked together for such a long time.”

Final Thoughts

A trusted long-term technology partner should make it a priority to understand and help clients achieve their business goals. Each project should be approached with integrity, a focus on quality, and a commitment to client success.  This is precisely what you get when partnering with QAT Global. We treat all business challenges as if they were one of our own in order to deliver solutions quickly and cost-efficiently. Start the conversation today and see what the right technology partner can do for your enterprise.

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