How to Instantly Improve Your Chances of Getting an Interview

Improve chance of getting an interview

The best way to ensure you get an interview is to do the recruiter’s job for them. In each job, ad placed the recruiter is listing the skills and abilities they are seeking. Help them out and tell them in a short email why you are a good candidate. In your email, respond to the top 3-5 skills listed and give a quick summary of how your skills stack up to what the recruiter is seeking. Include specifics – listing references to the details included in your resume – and include links to examples where appropriate.

The ease of firing off a resume in one quick click is leaving a lot of faith that the recruiter will review your resume and put you in the interview stack of candidates. Often, they are wading through a big stack of resumes that do not match up with the details in the job ad. Jump to the top of the “to call” pile with a 3-4 paragraph email response connecting your skills with the requirements.