How to Ensure Success with Work From Home Employees

The pandemic changed work as we know it. Many companies have opted to continue working exclusively from home, and for others, their transitions back to at least partial mandatory in-person have begun. This raises the question, are companies going back to compulsory in person because it is more productive or because it is what they have always known? Will companies continue being open to remote staff, or will they return to preferring to hire close to their locations? These four TED Talks discuss everything from utilizing what we have learned throughout the pandemic about work and working from home to helping employees avoid burnout in the future and ensure work from home success.

4 lessons the pandemic taught us about work, life and balance

Consultant Patty McCord shares how companies can use what they learned in lockdown to innovatively and creatively rethink how they do business. McCord reviews four key insights that came to light for employees and employers alike during the shift to working from home. McCord discusses how we used to do things is not the way of the future. Continuing to discover new ways leads to creating a new workforce excited about taking all the things they have learned and moving forward.

Work From Home SuccessWatch: 4 lessons the pandemic taught us about work, life and balance

Why working from home is good for business

Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, shares his secrets for keeping employees both at headquarters and home connected. Mullenweg discusses how distributed work allows workers to collaborate across cities, countries, and time zones. Distributed companies have the opportunity to tap into global talent by hiring people with different lived experiences. Mullenweg believes the future of work gives people the autonomy to live and work where they feel best for them while still allowing them to participate in what you’re creating together.

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3 tips for leaders to get the future of work right

Leadership expert Debbie Lovich discusses how work dictated by a fixed schedule, place, and job description doesn’t make sense anymore. Lovich identifies three ways to reshape work to better our lives: trusting employees, conducting data and following the results, and thinking beyond schedules. She believes that people and teams can design a more productive, engaging, and humane future of work by following these recommendations.

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3 steps to stop remote work burnout

Morra Aarons-Mele, a podcast host and writer, discusses how introverts can teach the workplace about adjusting to working from home. Aarons-Mele identifies three ways to manage working from home to avoid burnout. She encourages routines, managing pace, place, and space, and enforcing good boundaries. Aarons-Mele acknowledges that working from home is not going anywhere, and we have the opportunity to build something better than before.

Watch: 3 steps to stop remote work burnout

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