Helping to Solve the Java Expert Shortage

Helping to Solve the Java Expert Shortage

Last Updated: March 27, 20243.4 min readCategories: Custom Software Development, Technical & Development
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Helping to Solve the Java Expert Shortage

A Method of Transforming Basic Java Developers into Technical Specialists

The high demand for expert Java developers for enterprise software development projects has led to a highly competitive marketplace with rates that are continually creeping upward. It’s a basic supply and demand problem that we sought to address for our clients using a method almost unheard of today amongst our competitors – investing in people. While other providers look to hire skillsets, we look to hire people with the right attitude, cultural fit, and potential knowing that the right training program can deliver the level and kind of skills our clients expect.

Members of our enterprise advisory team, who are actively working as developers themselves and have real-world experience, are responsible for the training program. They developed and regularly update the training curriculum, teach classes, and provide individual trainee attention. This intensive program has been designed to nurture our next generation of technical specialists and arm them with in-depth knowledge. We believe in taking a hands-on approach to guiding and supporting staff in writing superior, tight code using the latest technologies.

The Java training program primarily focuses on developing and mentoring novices who have a basic knowledge of Java; however, all new staff goes through it to ensure consistent results for clients. New staff members are assigned to a Java mentor to help guide them through their studies and answer questions as they are taught on and exposed to live projects. At the end of the training period, new staff members are assigned to a team for further mentoring. They are then placed on software projects for clients equipped with superior skills to deliver quality results consistent with QAT Global standards.

“The Java training program allows us to take candidates with basic Java skills and quickly refine and expand their skillsets to provide our customers with highly trained, US, Brazilian, or Costa Rican Java development teams who start as top performers,” said Rollie Stephens, QAT Global Vice President.

Since our enterprise advisory team manages the training materials, we can easily adapt our training to fit the client’s architecture and standards or customize them to maximize classroom time as needed.

The result is that new team members are equipped with the technical know-how, hands-on experience, and functional expertise that would typically take them several years to acquire, including:

Enterprise Development methodology:

We expose novice Java developers to real-world enterprise-grade development principles and technologies. We first equip them with know-how and quickly move them into the live projects along with experienced developers and then guide them as they learn the ropes on the job.

Writing Online Transactions:

We teach trainee developers to write heavy-duty online transactions using current technologies.

Database experience:

Trainees learn to write complex queries, stored procedures, triggers, and packages in large database environments. These exercises provide them with end-to-end exposure to the enterprise software development environment.

Integration is essential:

Getting applications to talk to each other and building applications on top of existing products. We teach modern integration methodologies.

Mobile enablement:

Most applications today are incomplete without a mobile interface. Trainees learn application development on mobile frameworks with OS-agnostic deployment on phones and mobile devices.

Functional / Domain knowledge:

We have several years of experience in various functional domains. We transfer practical and technical expertise in fields like Energy, Logistics, Finance, and Government to our staff.
Custom software development is the fastest-growing part of QAT Global, and that trend is only set to continue.

“For every 10 Java development jobs available, there is only one qualified person to fill them. By using our intensive Java training program, QAT Global is able to provide clients with development teams with the advanced skills they so desperately need,” said QAT Global President Ken Bass.

Consistently delivering quality results for clients by providing our staff with the support, training, and tools they need to design, build, test, and support enterprise solutions is the key to our success. Learn more about our Java development team and custom development services today. 👉 Learn more

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