Is BPM right for your business?

Is BPM right for your business?

Is BPM right for your business?

Is BPM right for your business?
Last Updated: November 17, 20233 min readCategories: Digital Transformation
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Is BPM Right For Your Business

What comes to mind when you think about BPM? Process modeling? Automation? Systems integration? Process Improvement? SOA? While all those things can be involved, BPM is really about people and content. Elementally, business processes are interactions between people, and between people and content. Given this definition of BPM, it would seem that it should work for everyone since every business has people and data. But there’s more to it.  The business has to have something to gain from it for it to be of value.

The Anatomy of a Business Process
A business process is a set of interactions by people, that includes content, to accomplish something of value. Content includes e-mails, faxes, forms, reports, documents, spreadsheets, images, data, and so on.  Each person interacts with some content, and typically other people, on a daily basis. Something of value can include a physical product, component of a product, or any of a number of types of services including customer services issues like timely processing of requests for information, order processing, application processing, claims processing and so on.

The primary concept here is that every business has outcomes management needs to achieve in order to create the value that it needs to support its existence and future growth.

BPM Creates Value
BPM requires that you look at the entire business process for a given outcome, from start to finish; not just part of it. By looking at the whole picture, you are able to optimize the interactions of both people-to-people and people-to-content in our organizations to better achieve our desired outcomes.

While this all sounds simple and easy, it’s important to understand that managing and improving processes can be a complex and difficult task. It often involves changing the how things are done and many people tend to be initially resistant to change. However, it’s worth the effort in the end since BPM will help you achieve those desired outcomes faster and/or at a lower overall cost by simplifying and eliminating work in processes that doesn’t add value.

So, thinking about your own business, do you think there is any work that staff does that does not add value to a desired outcome? Do you think that your business would benefit from things being simpler? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, then BPM is something you should take into serious consideration.

BPM is Right for Your Business
While BPM should work for everyone since every business has people and data, not everyone is ready for BPM. Why? It’s not a solution that simply comes in a box that simply needs installing.  Sure, you can buy BPM software, but the software itself isn’t BPM.

First, you need to take a hard look at what your desired outcomes are and then follow those outcomes back to their starting point to see what the process behind them looks like and document it each step of the way. Or conversely, you may find it easier to document particular processes and then decide what outcome you really need from those processes. This is a step in implementing BPM that you have to do and it can be difficult if you don’t have the help of an experienced BPM partner, such as QAT.

Once you take the time to streamline your processes and eliminate or minimize work that adds no value, the benefits that commonly result include reduced costs, improved productivity, increased compliance, enhanced business agility and/ or reduced risks.

Take this opportunity to start a conversation today with QAT about how BPM can work for you.

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