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We Upgrade Custom Legacy Applications

Whether your development team has left the project or you need to upgrade your software to incorporate new technology, we help companies like yours get started.

Modernization Solutions for Every Situation

Is your company interested in streamlining its processes, improving the user experience, leveraging new technology, connecting customers or employees, or making better use of its resources? QAT Global’s software solutions can help you uncover the most practical and cost-effective methods for achieving your goals and advancing your business.

Development and Communication Processes Designed for Convenience

QAT Global provides comprehensive agile development solutions for projects by combining expert project and delivery management skills with technical expertise and experience. Clients enjoy a single point of contact, project agility, and accountability, creating a process that is uncomplicated and seamless.

Legacy Applications

The Right Partner Changes Everything

No matter which piece of your systems and infrastructure needs to be created, improved, enhanced, or maintained, your organization will only need to contact a single vendor. The need for multiple vendors and a revolving door of consultants is virtually eliminated.

We Upgrade Custom Legacy Applications

Whether your development team has left the project or you need to upgrade your software to incorporate new technology, we help companies like yours get started.

We Develop Solutions for Complex and Challenging Business Needs.

QAT Global has only top-tier technologists to bring you deep subject-matter expertise in a wide range of skills and technologies.

Maximize Value

By focusing on your company’s short-term and long-term objectives, working with you to select the best technology for your needs, and offering both onshore and nearshore resources, we can help you make the most of your budget.

High-Quality Development Work

You get highly skilled developers working on your project at great rates thanks to our hybrid nearshore-onshore model, robust personnel selection process, IT Staff transformation training, excellent compensation packages, unique culture, and repeatable development processes.

Agile Project Management

Easily track your deliverables and ensure deadlines by participating in our Agile process. Stay on top of your project hours and make changes to functionality with sprint. And of course, our management team is always there to help out at any time during your project.

Senior Engineers

Experience matters! Our senior, expert-level staff work more efficiently and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. 81% of our team members in the United States have 20+ years of experience.

Some of the brands that trust QAT Global





ABS Global


ABS’ first experience with QAT Global was through an assessment of an existing web application for our technical services area. The application had been problematic for quite a while, generating multiple user complaints. QAT performed the assessment and produced a final report pinpointing the application’s technical and functional issues, along with a proposed plan to solve them. The assessment was delivered on time and on budget. ABS decided then to move ahead with the proposed plan and engaged a QAT Global team of developers for execution. At this point, QAT then presented its methodology and explained the different roles each person would play during the development cycles, also called sprints. The project was started, and we are currently in our sixth sprint. During these sprints, I have been personally involved in the project and dealt with the QAT team on a daily basis. I can attest the team is very professional and committed to the success of the project. My experience with all team members has been very positive, and they are always open to suggestions for improvements and overall discussion. The deliverables so far are of high quality, and project management has been able to respond to all my questions in a timely fashion.

As a testament to the successful relationship, ABS has engaged with QAT on a second project, now in the Marketing area.

I would recommend QAT for your business needs, for they have helped ABS remodel an outdated application, so now it has a better future ahead. QAT met all our timelines and worked with us to offer solutions that were within our budget.

Helio Rezende, Technical Service Tools Manager, ABS Pecplan