What’s the Secret to Motivating Employees?

Discover the key to inspire motivated work from your employees with these amazing TED Talks.

As business leaders, motivating employees can be one of the most difficult aspects of the job. Too often the heart of the issues is employees who are struggling to find meaning and passion in the work they do. How do managers reverse this ever-growing challenge in the workplace? Here’s a hint; throwing bonuses around isn’t the answer.

Having an inspired workforce leads to better productivity and creates a more cohesive work environment. Get insights to apply to your team by checking out the top five TED talks that reveal the secret to motivating employees at work.

1. The Puzzle of Motivation: Dan Pink (18:31)

How do effective leaders inspire true motivation? The answer goes beyond monetary reward. Dan Pink, a former speechwriter for Al Gore, attempts to discover the truth behind what truly motivates employees. What he finds out is that there is a mismatch between what science knows about motivation and what a business does. Find out what this mismatch is and how leaders can utilize it.

2. What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work: Dan Ariely (20:22)

It takes more than money to motivate employees. In fact, it takes more than enjoying what they do. Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist, breaks down what drives meaningful work by exploring his groundbreaking experiments on the subject. The results remind us that true meaning of motivation is derived from progress and self-satisfaction.
Ted Talks on Motivating Employees

3. A Life of Purpose: Rick Warren (21:01)

Pastor Rick Warren warns us of a disease that inflicts everyone, “spiritual emptiness.” His book, “The Purpose-Driven Life,” was the most popular book in the world for three consecutive years. In this reflationary talk, he gives solid advice on leadership, responsibility, and stewardship. His passion for the pursuit of a fulfilled life is revealed in this engaging 21-minute talk.

4. The Happy Secret To Better Work: Shawn Achor (12:20)

Should our work make us happy? Shawn Achor, a psychologist, explains why this notion could be backward. He suggests that being normal is merely average, and it’s our responsibility to push others outside the realm of average. Learn how optimism and a positive outlook can make you more successful at work in this witty and engaging talk.

5. Why We Do What We Do: Tony Robbins (22:30)

As an experienced leadership consultant, Tony Robbins is often told by people that they don’t need motivation, and he absolutely agrees. He wants people to ask themselves “why” they do what they do. In this talk, he reminds us that emotion is the main motivator in our lives. He also gives Al Gore a high-five.

Take Action

We hope these TED Talks were able to reveal some key insights on motivating your employees. Motivation is something that cannot necessarily be solved with monetary incentives, but it comes from truly listening to your staff’s intrinsic needs and wants. Great leaders have an outstanding ability to match the intrinsic goals of their employees with the overall goals of the organization. So go out there and motivate some truly inspired work in your organization today!

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