Teams vs Individual Performers

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Teams vs Individual Performers Infographic

Teams vs Individual Performers
Teams vs Individual Performers

English Speaking Capabilities

Teams: Optional for development team members (key to cost control while maintaining quality) as teams include an English speaking offshore “leader” who manages the team and delegates work and communicates for the team.

Individual: Fluency required as individuals must communicate directly with the customer.

Delivery Management

Team: Delivery manager manages the project, resources, and is a single point of contact for customer/product leaders.

Individual: Customer manages the project and resources.

Architectural Leadership

Team: Teams include an architect who oversees the technical delivery of all assets, ensures all Patterns and Practices (P&P’s) are followed, works with Delivery Manager and customer architect to ensure all technical expectations are met, and looks for opportunities to enhance the solutions and increase efficiencies.

Individual: Customer handles architectural leadership. Architectural assistance can be managed by QAT Global on a request basis.

QA & Testing:

Teams: Team includes QA that tests the output of development.

Individual: Customer does QA and Testing.

Team Meeting Attendance

Teams: Only leaders attend team meetings.

Individuals: Must be included on all onboarding or team activities.

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