State of California EDD – Application Modernization

California EDD Legacy Modernization

State of California EDD – Application Modernization

California EDD Legacy Modernization
Last Updated: February 20, 20241.8 min readCategories: Government, State

State of California – EDD Looks to QAT Global for Application Modernization

Mission Critical Application Updated

Customer Snapshot

  • Employee Development Department
  • State government agency

Skills Needed:

  • CA Gen
  • SQLServer

Solution Snapshot

  • SOA architecture
  • System integration
  • Legacy Technology: Informix Block Screen
  • Modernized Application Technology: ASP .NET / SQL Server with SOA and a mix of AllFusion Gen and hand-written web pages all running within the QAT WebDaptive Framework.

Key Differentiators

  • CA Gen Expertise
  • Legacy application modernization expertise
  • QAT Products Used and/or Implemented: QAT Wizard, QAT WebDaptive, QAT Security, and QAT DDM

The Problem

The Employee Development Department (EDD) needed the mission-critical Field Information System (FIS) modernized to work with current processes and requirements. To develop the solution, the agency looked to QAT Global.

QAT Global’s Approach

The FIS application is a mission-critical application used to manage Field Administration tasks. It was originally a block screen application written with Informix. The modernized application targeted .NET and SQL Server and several web services were written and/or deployed. Nearly all of the modernized application was written with AllFusion Gen, but a few windows required very advanced user interfaces and these were handwritten using AJAX development techniques and integrated seamlessly with the AllFusion Gen pages using QAT WebDaptive. Several batch jobs were developed using DTS packages.

The SOA architecture did not exist prior to the engagement and was developed by QAT. Several web services from QAT Security and QAT DDM were implemented and a new employee web service was developed to integrate the modernized FIS system with another existing system.

The QAT Wizard (Rapid Development Tool for AllFusion Gen) product was used to rapidly build the initial transactions that adhered to the shop development standards.

The QAT WebDaptive (AJAX Development Framework) was used as the framework for the Rich Single Page Interface. This product enabled us to consume the web services with very little effort. It also gave us the flexibility to tightly integrate the AllFusion Gen pages with a few handwritten pages. This flexibility was critical because of the few pages that required advanced functionality outside of Gen’s capability. This gave us the flexibility to use Gen where it was strong and mix with other technology where necessary.