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Expand your IT Capabilities

With a Dedicated Custom Software Development Team

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Costa Rica and Brazil Nearshore Development Centers Provide Economical, High-Quality Options


Brazil and Costa Rica offer convenient time zone and cultural similarities backed by well-educated technical resources.

QAT Global streamlines the process of building and working with a nearshore team.

We take care of everything from recruiting to training to management.

QAT Global clients typically grow their team over time and work with them for many years.

Innovate Faster and Smarter Outsourcing Designed for Enterprise Companies

Consistent, Reliable Code Quality

Creating a great team starts with a comprehensive training program at QAT Global. All team members participate in the program to ensure the architecture, development standards, tools and process are consistent. This training also ensures all employees are in unison when working on projects and, in turn, increases the time-to-market. We also adapt our training to fit the client as needed.


Working with your team remotely from Brazil or Costa Rica is easy! Similar time zones make daily scrum meetings and collaboration over tools like Skype or Google Hangouts convenient. Your Brazil or Costa Rica-based team members can function virtually seamlessly with the rest of your team members using these and other modern communication and collaboration tools.


You can start off with a small team and add team members over time as your needs change. Our clients typically build long-term relationships with their team members, utilizing them for both long-term projects and transitioning them from project to project. Clients with multiple project teams can also move developers between their teams to best meet their needs seamlessly.

What You Can Expect

Gain agility and expertise with dedicated, full-time, experienced developers working from QAT Global’s development centers in Brazil, Costa Rica, and the US. Our nearshore teams are led by a US-based architect and include an English-speaking team lead for easy communication.

We deliver software development teams dedicated to making great software.