QAT Global

QAT Global Nearshore .NET Software Development Services

Our experienced .NET nearshore outsourcing development teams deliver fast, scalable, robust, and secure .NET-based web, IoT, big data, AI, and PWA applications that support enterprise business needs. Our developers can help you create highly interactive user experiences, ensure easy application integration, and take advantage of cloud solutions.

Nearshore Dot Net Web Development

.NET Web Application Development

QAT Global is here to help you develop web applications that support advanced enterprise needs, such as streamlining business processes, supporting customer interactions, processing transactions, and more. We can help you create a cross-platform, cross-browser, high-performance, and cloud-ready web application as well.

  • Custom .NET Web application design, architecture, development, testing, support, and maintenance
  • Cloud-ready, cross-browser, cross-platform, high-performance enterprise solutions
  • SaaS applications
Nearshore .NET Software Development

.NET Mobile Application Development

We have the experience needed to deliver .NET progressive web applications (PWAs) that provide the level of functionality and security users expect of enterprise applications. .NET PWAs support an engaging UX and run on any platform. .NET can also be used to create a reliable back end that ensures smooth, fast, secure, and scalable application operations and enables its future integration with third parties.

  • Fast, user-friendly, cross-device mobile applications
  • Reliable, secure backend solutions ready for seamless integration with third-party tools
Migration Modernization

.NET Project Migration and Modernization

Our development teams work with clients to migrate their legacy systems to the .NET platform. This service includes systems originally developed in .NET and other languages. Clients are able to achieve their modernization goals by updating system functionality to take advantage of the diverse capabilities supported by the .NET platform.

Big Data Predictive Analytics

Big Data and Predictive Analytics Solutions

We deliver advanced data and analytics solutions to support informed decision-making. Implement real-time and custom predictive analytics solutions that utilize AI and machine learning to deliver insights from complex multi-source unstructured data. The .NET platform supports a stack of tools ready for any big data challenge.

Data Management

.NET Data Management Solutions

QAT Global develops robust, fast data management solutions in .NET/SQL to deliver secure data systems. Our .NET data management solutions are custom-designed to provide the on-demand information, analysis, and reporting support that enterprise companies need from their data management solutions.

Internet of Things IOT

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

We help enterprise clients leverage the processing of streaming data and immediate response delivery with rich .NET real-time functionality for high-performance, innovative Internet of Things applications.

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning Solutions

We work with clients to develop custom software applications that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning features, such as image processing, voice-to-text, speech recognition, intelligent search, consumer analytics, and more with .NET.

Application Integration

.NET Application Integration Services

We bring the expertise and experience needed to integrate .NET solutions with internal and external systems. The seamless connectivity and interoperability .NET supports allows clients to meet their unique business needs and provide exceptional value to customers.

Your Benefits

QAT Global enables you to quickly staff your project so you can focus more on growing your business.


All of our consultants undergo a comprehensive screening and interview process tailored to your specific business needs, company culture, location, and competence requirements. Ultimately, you make the final hiring decision, approve candidates, and assemble your perfect team.

Trust & Reliability

Clients entrust QAT Global with their most sensitive and critical systems knowing that we will not let them down. We are utterly focused on providing a great service; we never play politics and always fulfill our commitments. Our record of successful delivery is exemplary.


Your team will be in touch with you each workday. To that end, we have daily standups and regular demonstrations of your working software. Through the Agile-Scrum development process, you also receive regular updates on all deliverables, from ongoing tasks to long-term goals – our goal is to keep you informed and up to date.

Office space

Your dedicated team will be hosted in a comfortable, modern office space in either our Uberabab, MG, Brazil or San Antonio de Belén, Heredia, Costa Rica office. Clients are invited to visit their team(s) and are encouraged to provide branded things to help make them feel even more like a part of your company.


With your dedicated .NET nearshore outsourcing team, you play an integral role in the Agile development process. Everyone on your development team works within the Agile system and processes and reports directly to your team leaders.


We take responsibility for team management by providing a dedicated delivery manager and team lead. We operate to the highest levels of business integrity and are genuinely passionate about doing a good job for our clients.

Intellectual Property

We keep your IP safe. You will obtain the rights to the source code produced by your team.

Geographical Proximity

Our Costa Rica and Brazil locations offer convenient flight connections with most North American capitals and large cities.