Missouri Department of Elementary Selects QAT Global

Enterprise Application Development Case Study
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Missouri Department of Elementary Selects QAT Global for Enterprise App Development

Delivering an Enterprise Application Architecture and Transformation Services Without Work Stoppage

Customer Snapshot

  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Skills Needed:

  • .Net
  • CA Gen
  • IIS
  • SQL Server/Oracle

Solution Snapshot

  • .Net platformed application
  • Faster development and execution
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability
  • Quicker turn around in the software development cycle

Key Differentiators

  • Architectural consulting expertise
  • Enterprise application capabilities
  • Ability to stay within and below budget

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) wants to better support their business goals which are always in a state of constant change. The DESE lacked the enterprise application architecture to support their flexible business environment. To increase flexibility, DESE desired a move away from proprietary tools and implementations as mandated by the State of Missouri’s enterprise architecture, and a move to Microsoft’s .NET platform. The DESE chose QAT Global to design a better enterprise application architecture that would improve their scalability, availability, flexibility, and adaptability.

QAT Global’s Approach

QAT Global provided architectural consulting, design services, and AllFusion Gen (a.k.a Advantage Gen, COOL: Gen or IEF) to SOA transformation expertise. These disciplines and technologies have included:

  • Architecture and SOA design services
  • Reuse of components
  • .NET design and mentoring
  • AllFusion Gen (a.k.a Advantage Gen, COOL:Gen or IEF) expertise and proof of concept application for the co-existence strategy
  • IIS and SQL Server 2000 expertise

The enterprise application architecture and plan needed to be completed without a work stoppage, an outage to the core business systems being transformed, and keeping within the current or even more reduced budgets. The solution entailed the development of a strategy and architecture of a Microsoft .NET – based Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). In addition, a co-existence strategy of using DESE’s existing legacy systems in the new SOA was put into place to guarantee business continuity until the transformation is complete. QAT Global successfully developed a solution that allowed the DESE to support its ever-changing business goals. It allowed the DESE to reduce their total cost of ownership on their hardware and software portfolios while reducing software maintenance and enhancement costs. In addition, DESE is better able to recruit and retain IT staff. The new architecture has also enabled DESE to serve their customer base better by having a quicker turnaround in their software development cycle.