Large Transportation Company – IT Staffing

Transportation Company IT Staffing

Large Transportation Company – IT Staffing

Transportation Company IT Staffing
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Large Transportation Company Looks to QAT for Expert Resources

IT Staffing Services Deliver Skillset Needed to Eliminate Paper Process

Client Overview/The Situation

A Field Book is a binder with various maps and information relating to client property. They are geographic in context. A Field Manager manages many individual field books. Field managers use these Field Books in mapping lease areas, license agreements, and other relevant data. Field Books are at the heart of their daily work, providing the manager with vital data, especially that of all encumbrances on client property.

The Business Challenge

The current system has been functionally sufficient in times past, however, a new solution was needed to meet current faster-paced needs. As the property is bought, sold, leased, or licensed, the manual process in place was determined to be insufficient.

QAT’s Solution

This project took an intensive paper-driven process and streamline its functions into Java/ ArcObjects solution, creating what will, in the end, be an electronic version of the existing hard copy, paper-based Field Book. The “to be” interactive map will contain all the functionality currently available to the Field Managers, plus features not currently available.

The client requested QAT research and provide estimates towards availability and costs for the ArcObjects skillset. Data was gathered through research of major job boards and polling inquiries. Once researched, QAT began the task of recruiting qualified applicants; 35 resumes were screened with 19 committed to the idea of relocating to Omaha if offered a position.

The 19 resumes were “racked & stacked” based on salary requirements and experience. The levels served as guidelines, with candidates possessing an unbalanced mix of the two key skills, ie. 6 years of Java experience and perhaps 1-2 years of ArcObjects experience.

QA Technologies delivered candidates within a broad target range, from both a technical and cost perspective. The following results were achieved and provided to the client:

  • Junior Level: Minimum of 1 year of ArcObjects and Java programmer experience. Bill Rate range: 70-90.
  • Mid Level: Minimum of 2 years of ArcObjects and Java programmer experience. Bill Rate Range: 110-130.
  • Senior Level: Minimum of 3 years of ArcObjects and Java programming experience. Bill Rate Range: 135- 175.

Initially, the client selected a Mid Level ArcObjects/Java resource from the pool of 19 recruited candidates. Ten months later, the requirement changed to a Sr. Level ArcObjects/.Net resource, as they began to move towards .Net.

At that stage, an ArcObject/.Net developer was selected for a four-month assignment. This resource was provided at an aggressive rate well below the $135 – $175 due to the client’s acceptance of a telecommuting contract. This agreement provided the client with an expert-level resource, the likes of which were not otherwise available in the Midwest.

Skills Needed:

  • .Net
  • ArcObjects
  • Java