IT Offshoring to Brazil

IT Offshoring to Brazil

IT Offshoring to Brazil

IT Offshoring to Brazil

As a company grows, so do the IT demands. With an increase in IT demands, the need for more employees will quickly rise...

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Offshoring to Brazil

Competitive Costs, Superior Communication, Exceptional Quality

As a company grows, so do the IT demands. With an increase in IT demands, the need for more employees will quickly rise.  This typically led to companies hiring local IT experts at a high rate. Now you can produce the same quality of work at a lower price through offshoring to Brazil. Offshoring can be a big change with many unfamiliar facets, but our years of experience and time-tested processes have you covered. When you offshore through QAT Global Brazil, you have the security knowing all of your IT demands will be taken care of by experts with the same training as our onshore team and the quality will meet your requirements.

The Brazil Option

Take your IT offshoring nearshore to QAT Global’s Brazil location in Uberaba, MG, Brazil. Why Brazil?

  • Similar Time Zone
  • Increased ROI
  • Large Pool of Talent
  • Cost Savings & Better Value
  • Bestshore Practices

When dealing with all IT offshoring we promise:

  • Ownership & Responsibility
  • Cost Savings
  • Guaranteed Service Levels
  • Business Value

We understand long term partnerships contribute to the minimization of risks made by short-term decisions. Starting with project inception, the team is focused on how to better deliver and transfer knowledge at the end of the tasks. Our IT professionals are capable of evolving and developing a deep understanding of the requisites and business rules. Communication skills are critical. Effective communication helps avoid misunderstandings and poor definitions of requisites.
QAT Global has a tradition in creating productivity and code automation tools so developers accomplish more in less time. QAT Brazil will also provide your project budgetary savings. We identify issues quickly, diagnose when the traditional working approach does not apply to the issues, and have the flexibility and availability of searching for new solutions.  QAT Global’s distributed development projects are monitored by a project manager at QAT Global’s USA office.
Get a competitive edge through strategic offshore software development. Learn more about our Brazil option

Take the Steps for Success

Ready to put Brail offshoring into action and take your business to the next level? The experts at QAT Global are here to execute on your vision and deliver cutting-edge software to your users that leverages best practices, emerging technologies, and modern engagement models. Using an Agile software development approach with proper planning and the right people on your team will put you on the path to success. The development team at QAT Global is experienced in developing all kinds of enterprise applications and SaaS products for clients in a wide variety of industries. Put your next software project on the path to success, start the conversation about Brazil offshoring with our development team today.

Are your software needs evolving faster than your solutions?

Let's bridge the gap together. Whether it's custom software development or finding the perfect IT talent for your team, QAT Global is here to turn your challenges into opportunities. Start the conversation today and discover how we can help you accomplish your goals.