How Agile at QAT Global is Unique

How Agile at QAT Global is Unique
Last Updated: November 17, 20231.4 min readCategories: Agile
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How Agile at QAT Global is Unique

Putting Agile to Work With Distributed Software Development for Enterprise Clients

There are many different variations to the Agile methodology. At QAT Global, there are a few distinct ways that we approach projects using Agile to provide flexibility and stability for our customers.

  • Daily Scrum Meetings – Communication is often the key to a successful project. Daily scrum meetings allow for everyone to stay on the same page, show off successful prototypes, and brainstorm solutions to roadblocks that arise.
  • Sprint Method – By breaking down the project into more manageable portions, the team is able to produce better quality software because of the increased attention to detail. It also increases productivity and provides more flexibility to change.
  • Manual and Automated Testing – We incorporate manual and automated testing into our routine sprint activities so that every sprint results in the delivery of higher quality software components. This process also allows for fewer defects when the product is finally complete.
  • Specialized Training – Throughout the process, we incorporate training for all of the IT staff or client team that will be taking over the software when it is complete. We want to ensure that they are well equipped to manage the software and understand the path to modifying it in the future.

Agile has been very beneficial to our company. We have a bit different model than the traditional Agile approach, but the core principles remain the same. Our Agile method has helped us produce excellent results for our customers.

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