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Our team of certified .NET software engineers leverages 20+ years of experience delivering high-quality, high-value custom software development supporting web, desktop, mobile, and cloud solutions for enterprises.


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.NET Consulting & Development

Whether you’re looking to augment your staff with skilled .NET developers or deploy a new scalable custom web application, we can help you bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions.

Experience That Makes a Difference

QAT Global consistently develops quality .NET applications & solutions for enterprise organizations in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, utilities, banking, energy, finance, & more.

.NET Consulting & Development

From web apps and desktop software to IoT solutions that are paving the way to an exciting future, our team can provide a full range of custom solutions that are secure, reliable, and scalable.

Add world-class .NET experts to your project.

QAT Global has some of the industry’s best .NET developers in our Costa Rica, Brazil, and US development centers that are experienced and skilled professionals. Along with their .Net programming skills, they also bring in their knowledge of various business verticals and strong consulting expertise to help you take advantage of the best Dot NET app development company services. Our .NET teams address challenges at all stages of the solution development, implementation, further customization, and support.

QAT Global’s skilled professionals can easily integrate with your in-house IT specialists or work independently:

  • Select from an optimal pool of candidates with the right expertise
  • Assume the burden of the recruiting process and overhead cost
  • Leverage exclusive IT infrastructures and providing agile and cost-effective solutions
  • Ensure transparent communication and reporting during all project sprints
  • Scaling onshore and nearshore teams in line with an increasing project scope
  • Work closely with stakeholders and decision-makers to prioritize desired improvements
  • Will monitor involved teams and make timely replacements as projects ramp up
  • Keeping the consistency of your business processes and knowing your ultimate business needs throughout the development cycle

Why .NET for your next project?

Microsoft .NET has worked successfully in the enterprise business world, creating applications of any complexity, and it has proven its convenience and reliability for decades. The key advantage of the technology is that it supports the development of a wide variety of applications that will work on any device and platform type. It also enables the development of enterprise-level, high-quality applications users demand.

Rich and Intuitive Products

.NET is known to be one of the most reliable technologies for developing enterprise-class web applications. The flexible .NET frameworks, such as ASP.NET and its successor ASP.NET Core, enable businesses to create rich, secure, robust, dynamic custom web applications rapidly.

Impeccable Management and Security

With its long history, .NET remains one of the best choices for developing web, mobile, and desktop applications. Businesses continue to rely on the framework to create new digital experiences for their customers.

Scalable Software That Meets Your Business Goals

.NET provides businesses with the means to deliver on their technological promises quickly. We can help you develop high-performing, scalable, and secure custom software quickly and efficiently. Don’t miss out. Let’s get to work.

How our .NET
Developers Address
Common Enterprise
AppDev Challenges

We work with you to develop requirements based on input from all levels of your organization’s business stakeholders. Collecting everyone’s expectations for the solution ensures it is highly relevant and delivers real value for the business.

Our Agile development process and enterprise architecture standards and governance enable you to introduce substantial changes into the project, even mid-way through development, with minimal negative effects.

We work with you to prioritize the features of your future application to deliver maximum business value for the overall project and with every Agile development sprint. This allows you to benefit from a high-value, fully functional application, which can be further enhanced as the budget becomes available.

We’re prepared to keep deadlines without compromising on the quality of our work, even under the most challenging conditions. Mature development processes and the right architectural decisions help us achieve the required increase in productivity.

Why Choose QAT Global

We are a leading software development company with offices in the USA, Costa Rica, and Brazil. We are offering full-stack digital solutions for business and staff augmentation through outsourcing services in all of our locations. QAT Global’s experience and skills include C#, VB.NET, LINQ programming, WPF development and a wide range of .NET testing, profiling and code analysis tools. We ensure that you receive well-coded, optimized, and cost-conscious solutions that deliver rich user experiences.

Clients looking to develop rich, scalable, and effective web-based applications look to QAT Global for our comprehensive ASP.NET experience and solid skills in AJAX, RIAs, and security.

Featured .NET Apps We Create

We provide custom .NET application development services to deliver enterprise-level solutions empowered to achieve global scalability and solve the challenges of today’s diverse computing environment.

  • Animal Science

  • Healthcare Services & Practice Management

  • Supply Chain Communications

  • Grain/Agriculture

  • Financial Services

  • Commodity Trading

  • Industrial Manufacturing & Business Management

  • Revenue Management

  • Data Services

  • Web Services

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