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Custom Application Development Services

QAT Global is a leading Custom Application Development company powered by 400+ Custom Application development projects and 20+ years of experience.

Custom Application Development Services

  • Java Development

  • .NET Development

  • Open Source

  • Microservices

  • Cloud

  • IoT

  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Brazil Offshoring
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  • Cross-Sourcing

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Web Application Development

  • Application Modernization

  • Application Integration

  • Application Testing


Why Choose QAT Global

  • 20+ years in business
  • 100+ clients
  • Onshore and Offshore Options

QAT Global, an expert in High-Performance Custom Application Development

QAT Global provides Custom Application Development services that are supported by extensive expertise and understanding of emerging technologies, proven methodologies and domain experience. Our Custom Application Development services ensure:

  • User interface design for elevated user experience and productivity
  • Robust & scalable application architecture
  • Experience with high transaction volumes
  • Cost-effective and high-quality development

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QAT has been a trusted supplier of software development services to Sensus for 5 years. We have turned to them over and over for both short-term projects as well as long-running programs. Our teams have come to trust their technical leadership and decision-making when they are part of a larger team and also when they are delivering a project independently. We appreciate that the architects and engineers think about the big picture and bring to our attention implementation options to consider that affect our system flexibility and cost of ownership down the road. The quality of deliverables has been excellent, and we have measured a far lower defect rate per line of code committed than any other team. The code delivered is tested by the engineer who wrote it, and test automation is used when possible. Frequent demonstrations of work and progress keep our stakeholders engaged with progress improving quality and ability to meet schedules. Not only is the planning well executed to be confident in the schedule, but the Agile process used ensures there are no surprises. We feel informed and up to date on all aspects of risk and schedule at all times.

Matt Ferguson, Sr. Director of Analytics Solutions, Sensus